Kendra Scott Earrings Review 2023

best kendra scott earrings

Kendra Scott Earrings Review 2023

Just like hairstyle, earrings also do an amazing job to frame your face attractively. And the earring pairs that are designed in different shapes, styles, and colors, with distinct and unique techniques, serve as one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces to glam up your fashion vibes. A cherry on top! 

That’s what Kendra Scott Earring collections are all about. 

Kendra Scott is usually known for iconic signature earring pieces. However, this band keeps its collections fresh by incorporating new colors, trends, and innovative lightweight earring designs to rock your presence. With 5 business days of warranty to report claims-if any, you can get your damaged earing jewelry pieces repaired by Kendra’s store at no cost, within one year of purchase. 

In this guide, we’ll highlight the best-selling Kendra Scott earrings, as well as some other most popular people picks, to let you know. How much Kendra Scott earrings cost? Are Kendra Scott gold earrings real? Why Kendra Scott is unique and popular? Let’s find out all you need to know about Kendra Scott earrings. 

What metals are used in Kendra Scott earrings?

Crafting some versatile sterling-silver, gold, rhodium, and semi-precious gemstone earring types, this brand is loved for its Fine Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry textural, innovative, and high-quality material charms. 

Kendra’s Fine jewelry is crafted with 14k solid gold, white gold, and rose gold material. Whereas the Fashion jewelry collection is made up of brass as a base material coated with gunmetal, rhodium, 14k rose gold, and yellow gold. It’s a bling wonderland for you to shop some fashion-forward pieces.

Best Kendra Scott Earrings

kendra scott earrings

1. Kendra Scott Gold Earrings

Kendra Scott offers a real 14k solid gold earring collection for timelessly elevating your look. You can enjoy genuine 14k yellow, white, and rose gold earring options to sparkle with your favorite styles.  

The following highlighted picks are some of the best-selling Kendra Scott gold earring pieces that you can pass down in generations, feasibly. Take a look.

a. Kendra Gold Link Earrings with Mother-of-Pearl

With maximum ease, this pair allows you independently wear it as a huggie stud or style it with other options for adding a versatile look. Shop it here.

Kendra Gold Link Earrings
Kendra Gold Link Earrings with Mother-of-Pearl

b. Kendra Scott Sophee Drops

Go for these Sophee Drop Earrings, an elegant style that can be worn up or down, to speak up for yourself.

Sophee Drop Earrings
Kendra Scott Sophee Drops

You can also choose Addie Gold Drops, a bit similar but more versatile wear-anywhere accessory to turn your casual day or night look into a stunning ensemble.

Addie Gold Drops

c. Kendra Madelyn Gold Statement

Extremely light-weighted, this multi-mixture of gold, stones, crystals, and pearls is a perfect glam to style at parties. Check its availability here

Kendra Madelyn Gold Statement
Kendra Madelyn Gold Statement

d. Kendra Phoenix Ear Climber

Inspired by the Victorian age, this gold statement jewelry gives you a classic-modern look with filigree details. An affordable Kendra’s wedding-earring to add in! Visit here

Kendra Phoenix Ear Climber

e. Kendra Sasha Statement

Kendra’s Sasha Statement has got the perfect dimensions and glitz to flaunt your weekend vibes. The brand itself praised this jewelry as “bows might be formal, but these are so much fun”-an ideal holiday go-to to reflect gorgeous YOU! 

Click here to check Sasha’s available colors and pricing details.

Kendra Sasha Statement
Sasha's available colors

2. Kendra Scott Silver Earrings

Undeniably ideal for everyday use, some more economical yet high-quality sterling-silver options are also available here at Kendra. In addition to that, if you want sterling-silver jewelry plated with 18k gold for adding more durable options to your collection, count on Kendra Scott Vermeil pieces. They’re more resistant to damage as compared to the former ones. 

a. Kendra Brooke Hoops

This earring pair is a must-have for those who want to add the simplest sparkle to their regular wear. You can shop these simple iconic hoops here

Kendra Brooke Hoops

b. Kendra Scott Ashlyn Huggies

Bold with an elegant flair, Ashlyn Huggies are Kendra’s delight to give you an impressive look with removable stones. 

Kendra Scott Ashlyn Huggies

c. Kendra Emilie Studs

Included in Kendra’s best-selling jewelry list, these all-new micro-studs add a sparkly wink to your mini moments. Learn more about its color guide to get a hint of the most-suited shade. 

Kendra Emilie Studs

d. Kendra Baroque Ella Drops

These drops are a great purchase for styling eye-catching wear super comfortably in all seasons. And the available color bar really helps make it a statement. Our highly recommended love at first sight! Check it out here

Kendra Baroque Ella Drops

e. Kendra Jane Drops

It is exquisite jewelry with a perfect size and stand-out details. Definitely a worth-it vintage classic! See here

Kendra Jane Drops
exquisite jewelry

3. Popular Kendra Scott Earrings

We’ve rounded up the most popular, chicest, and customer-favorite jewelry pieces down below.  These Kendra Scott earrings will not cost you your whole-month salary. Rest assured. However, the pricing tags depend on what metal and style you choose to go for. 

a. Kendra Scott Turquoise Earrings

Kendra Elle Gold Drops

Turquoise is your subtle everyday gemstone. You can iconically showcase your unique self by mixing and matching it with everyday styles so perfectly. 

Kendra Angie Carved Heart
Kendra Mallory Gold Studs
Kendra Reeve Mini Stud

b. Kendra Scott Huggie Earrings

Kendra Huggie earrings are effortless and simplest to style every day and anywhere. Discover a unique huggie pair from the popular Kendra Scott jewelry to find your simplest-glam fit. 

Kendra Madelyn Gold
Kendra Nellie Rose-Gold
Kendra Maggie Rose-Gold
Kendra Gina Seamless

c. Kendra Scott Heart Earrings

Explore the loveable collection of Kendra Scott to express your love in a timeless heart shape. 

Kendra Ari Heart Gold Huggies
Kendra Ari Heart Gold Huggies

d. Kendra Scott Hoop Earrings

Kendra’s hoops collection is considered the most versatile one. Offered in lightweight designs, they are best to show off your neckline. 

Hook them on with glammed makeup, a high ponytail, and an off-shoulder top, everyone will surely be eyeing you. 

Shop Kendra Avi Hoops
Kendra Shiva Hoops
Kendra Lila Vintage
Kendra Miku Hoops

e. Kendra Scott Drop Earrings

These Elle and Lee Gold Drop Earrings, featuring the brand’s signature design, can be dressed up or down with ease. An ideal finishing touch to your occasional ensemble!

Kenda Lee Gold Drops
Kenda Lee Gold Drops

f. Kendra Scott Studs

Kendra’s minimalist-designed studs are the true definition of regular accessories. They are always trendy and are the perfect fit to pair up with other jewels. You’ll love these stunning simple beauties. Must-have jewelry pieces!

Check out Kendra Scott’s best-selling and most-loved studs. 

Kendra Nola Studs
Kendra Tessa Studs

g. Kendra Scott Pearl Earrings

If you want to re-take on an old jewelry favorite, go for Kendra’s pearl collection. Featuring pearls in fun, romantic, and iconic signature designs, Kendra has something for everyone.

Kendra Ari Heart Studs in Mother-of-Pearl
Kendra Lila Vintage Hoops with Shimmery Pearls.
Kendra Diane Statement in Blush Pearl
Kendra Maty Rose Gold Ivory Pearl Drops

h. Kendra Scott earrings with stones

Jewelry incorporating stones at Kendra is so unusual. You can perfectly drape it at nighty occasions as well as daylight parties. Nothing can go disappointed having them on to match with your day vibes. 

Kendra Ashlyn Multi-Stone Drops
Kendra Abbie Silver Drops
Kendra Diane Black Mother-of-Pearl Silver Statement

Kendra Scott Earrings Review

For believing the fact that Kendra is no fool’s gold, see what customers think about Kendra and how was their experience with this jewelry line. 

Kendra Scott Earrings
Scott Earrings Review
what customers think
Kendra Scott Earrings
Kendra Scott Earrings Review


Kendra Scott Earrings Review

1. Do Kendra Scott earrings tarnish?

All jewelry accessories wear out with time, especially the sterling silver and metal-plated ones. But as far as Kendra is concerned, this brand claims its jewelry is anti-tarnish-solution coated- tends to last long. With that said, Kendra Scot earrings will not go tarnish easily and quickly. However, if you deal it with improper care you may then lose your jewelry shine before even expected. 

2. Do Kendra Scott craft its earrings in China?

According to Kendra’s official website, all Kendra jewelry products are designed and crafted in its Texas studio with fine quality material and highly innovative designs. 

3. Do Kendra Scott fix broken earrings?

Kendra offer’s to repair your earring jewelry free at its store within a year of purchase. But if your jewelry gets damaged right after crossing a year, you’ve to pay something extra to fix it up.

4. How to clean Kendra Scott earrings?

Use a polishing cloth provided by Kendra to maintain your all-jewelry-type shine. If it’s a sterling silver piece, you can also use a silver cleaner or a mixture of mild soap and lukewarm water with a soft sponge for gently rubbing it off. 

For Fine jewelry pieces, washing with hand soap is recommended. After that, rinse it and dry it well with a soft clothing piece. Don’t go for jewelry dips and polishes as they may contain abrasives to affect it badly. 

5. How to tell if Kendra Scott's earrings are real?

Looking for how to spot real vs. fake Kendra Scott earrings? I’m sorry there’s no science available to get this better. But you’re recommended to always shop in person from Kendra’s local stores. 

For making an online purchase, visit its online official website as well as the authentic retailers mentioned by the brand itself to enjoy exceptional offers and sales. 

6. Where to buy Kendra Scott earrings from?

Kendra Scott is partnered with several online retailers to sell you out authentic Kendra jewelry pieces. Learn more about Kendra’s authentic retailers here.

Conclusion: Kendra Scott Earrings

In conclusion, Kendra Scott earrings are not merely accessories but miniature works of art that adorn and elevate the wearer. With their captivating designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and a fusion of vibrant gemstones, these earrings create a harmonious symphony of beauty and individuality. From timeless classics to bold statement pieces, Kendra Scott offers a diverse range of earrings that cater to every style and occasion. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these earrings embody a sense of empowerment and self-expression, allowing individuals to showcase their unique personalities with confidence.

Kendra Scott’s commitment to philanthropy and community engagement adds an inspiring dimension, making each pair of earrings not just a fashion statement but a symbol of purpose and positivity. Discover the allure of Kendra Scott earrings and embark on a journey of self-discovery and unparalleled elegance.

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