Top 10 Best Bracelet Jewelry Brands For Women 2022

Best Bracelet Jewelry Brands For Women

Top 10 Best Bracelet Jewelry Brands For Women 2022

Best bracelet jewelry doesn’t fall into a specific mold to get a spot in your jewelry box. Likewise other jewelry categories (Rings, Necklaces, or Earrings), bracelets never go out of style.

Try James Allen stunning Bracelets and get 25% off. They all are fair game whether it’s a Chain Bracelet illuminated with bold gauge links or a Simple Entwined Bangle. Even a sleeked design Cuff Bracelet can be plenty to give you a finished sparking look.

Well, we must say that it’s a subtle art to curate your look with more than one bracelet piece. And there’s no any steadfast formula to do that. It depends on how you style them that perfectly fits the vibe of the day or moment. That’s why you better should diversify your bracelet arsenal to leave a great impact with your jewelry.

Just to be clear we are not recommending you to treasure all bracelet textures and iterations. A refined stack of selected bracelets can also do well. You just need to consider the style or a look that goes for an iconic fit.

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Best Bracelet Jewelry Brands For Women 2022

Bold Vermeil Bangle
best bracelet jewelry

We’d suggest you try the Best Bracelet brands that you already have at your disposal. All of the quality with trends. Even if you wish to keep it simple, it will still look classy. And if we talk about styling mixed tones, a single bold bangle paired with a couple of chain bracelets would be plenty. For sure. Because, the more complicated the equation, the more difficult it is to get out of.

That’s why we pulled together a list of Best Bracelet Jewelry Brands for Women for making it easy to go & shop. These bracelet brands have been perfecting their crafts for years and are worth every single penny. Let’s check out what best they’ve got in their collection for you.

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Top 10 Luxury Bracelet Jewelry Designer 2022

We have compiled a list of the top 10 luxury bracelets designers around the world. Each one has something unique to offer that sets them apart from others, take mins look at these best-selling brands in 2022!

1. Tiffany & Co. Bracelets

Rating: 4.7

Brands like Tiffany need no introduction. I mean who’s not aware of this international icon’s creative innovations and bold artistry. Are you? Of course not.
You’ll be enthralled with how this brand plays with light and contrast un-paralleled bracelet designs. For example, if you stack only its “Hinged bangle” with “Wide Diamond Hinged”, this combo will give you a bold look, representing an empowered woman with full control.

Tiffany & Co bracelet

But, most thrilling is their Cuff Bracelets, a symbol of grace and abundance with ergonomic quality. There are the Elsa Pretti Bone Cuffs engraved with sublime asymmetry and the Bold Wild Cuff inspired by Tiffany’s legacy honored with a modern lens. You can wear it solo or even pair it with a watch, depending on how you want it to style. Fun Fact: It’s perfect for gifting a man too!

And if you want to capture a classic American design spirit, try out its I.D Chain bracelet. Or surely, you will prefer wearing its Wrap Bracelet if you want to play around with links in your style. It’s so classically cool!

I.D chain bracelet
I.D Chain Bracelet
Wrap Bracelet paired with Makers Narrow Chain Bracelet
Wrap Bracelet paired with Makers Narrow Chain Bracelet

2. Mejuri Bracelets

Rating: 4.7

There’s a brilliant equation behind every Mejuri’s design. Its crafted pieces are a combination of high quality, minimal designs, and affordable prices.

You’ll find Mejuri’s essential bracelets extremely low-key aesthetic and budget-friendly. Especially it’s the Chunky Curb Chain Gemstone bracelet that is highly valued for its rarity and longevity. 

By surprise, you can wear Mejuri’s Metallic Sphere bracelet even when you’re working out. Cool. Isn’t it?

All are Trendy & Classy yet affordable surprisingly, that’s the reason why you can stock up on Mejuri’s bracelet collection.

Chunky Curb Chain Gemstone bracelet mejuri
Mejuri’s Metallic Sphere bracelet

Wanna see our other top recommendations from Mejuri? See the images below

3. Cartier Bracelets

Rating: 4.6

Cartier is a true expression of style and imagination. This brand knows how a pop of sparkle adds something unexpected to its refined options. That’s exactly what Cartier does. Bring it on, bling!

This brand offers some solid metal options for you to style with. Its PANTHÈRE DE CARTIER BRACELET and ECROU DE CARTIER BRACELET are definitely to go to. They are something you can go with all ages. All good to keep!

You’ll fall in love with plenty of its other beauties too. Check them out below and get an idea. They’re your most deserving future family heirloom.


4. David Yurman Bracelets

Rating: 4.5
David Yurman bracelets

The best thing about Yurman’s collection is that every piece is available in different metals, colors, and sizes. I mean if you feel that wearing a “Helena End Station Bracelet” with pearls and diamonds doesn’t suit you, you can try it with Rubies. Love this thing about it!

And who doesn’t want styling a bracelet that adds a modernist yet classic vibe to your every outfit? From casual OOTD like jeans and tees to slinky dresses, every piece cast luminosity onto all styles. 

But we’re more into David’s Albion Bracelet that looks just as elegant and delightful as its Statue of Liberty Cable Bracelet. And what’s handier than its Oval Link Bracelet? It’s something truly worth your investment.

David Yurman bracelets 1

To ice on the cake, DY’s easy-to-use site seriously has its finger on the pulse. It’s entirely perfection!

5. Hermès Bracelets

Rating: 4.4
Mini Kelly Double Tour bracelet
Exposition Universelle bangle

Hermès is well-known for its exquisite craftsmanship. Its lightweight yet robust bracelet cave offers you the promise of creativity. No one does it better than Hermès. It’s luxurious. 

This bracelet brand is something you’d never want to take off. If you’re on a hunt for something like Mini Kelly Double Tour bracelet or Exposition Universelle bangle, Hermès got you all covered.

And for gifting, you should choose between “Glenan Double Tour Bracelet” braided in swift calfskin or gold plated “Clic Clac H bracelet”. They both are stackable and can be paired well with any necklace choice. It’d sure be a hit.

Just plan it and go ahead. They are iconic!

6. Jade

Rating: 4.5

This Canadian-owned brand has been in business since 2003 and is widely known for its Jade craved pieces. Founded by the largest Jade-mining company, this brand beautifully crafts its specialties at every price point. So reasonable!

Jade is something you’d ever dream about. Each piece crafted by this vibrant green stone has a cultural significance beyond its sentiment. You’ll find its pieces carved into different intricate shapes & styles, absolutely jaw-dropping. And the Jade color, it’s so peaceful reflecting health & happiness.

Look at this attractive Jade and Cubic Zirconia bracelet. How perfectly the Jade cabs and Zirconia crystals are set in sterling silver with pink sparkle. It’s so cheerful!

jade bracelet

You can also try out this Jade bangle that has quite a unique pattern of swirls and inclusions of earthy colors. It’s for sure something you never had in your collection before. Priceless!

But you know the most important thing about Jade? 

Jade is tied to spiritual beliefs majorly in countries like China & Singapore. People out there believe that this stone-Jade has a mystical power to keep its wearer safe from negative and unwelcoming spirits & energy. 

Lets Check out ourBest Ring Jewelry Brands for womenandBest necklace Jewelry Brands for Womenguide for finding a perfect match to complete your jewelry styling.

It means, if you’re wearing Jade, your body gets connected to the stone. If you get any negative energy or a vibe, it will automatically hit the Jade and break it into pieces instead of causing any harm to you. Found it intriguing? Yeah.

7. Swarovski Bracelets

Rating: 4.4

Swarovski masters crystal cutting with an enduring passion for innovative designs. This brand never fails you in delivering something extraordinary to your everyday style—particularly its bracelet collection suits any taste. If you want to adorn your wrist with a stone bangle, go for its rose-gold plated bangle just to add a more contemporary look.

There are lots of other stunning and chic bracelet jewelry for women to explore. Check them out to satisfy your style.

And you should go for Swarovski’s Tennis bracelets if you prefer to wear timeless elegance. Harmonia bracelet and Tennis Deluxe outstandingly offset with crystals will leave dazzling statements behind.

8. Pandora Bracelets

Rating: 4.3

This Danish jewelry brand is earthy and contemporary. If you love some chunky bracelet jewelry pieces to add a modernist vibe to your style, choose Pandora. Its jewelry is well-known to fit in every budget.

Either it’s a simple yet elegant “Pandora Moments Mesh Bracelet” or you go for styling something that will spark conversation like “Sparkling Heart Tennis Stacking Bracelet Set”, each piece will tell different stories about you.

Pandora Moments Mesh Bracelet
Pandora Moments Mesh Bracelet
Sparkling Heart Tennis Stacking
Sparkling Heart Tennis Stacking

If you want to wear a love charm in the shape of a bracelet, try Pandora’s Intertwined Love Hearts Bracelet Gift Set. It’s damn pretty!

Intertwined Love Hearts Bracelet Gift Set
Intertwined Love Hearts Bracelet Gift Set

9. Gucci Bracelets

Rating: 4.2
gucci bracelets
gucci best bracelets

We must say Gucci is the house of refined luxury. This Italian brand is unsurpassed for its quality and attentive details. 

Gucci has every bracelet style, all trendy and stackable designs. The best thing about Gucci’s leather bracelets is you can style them solo or stack them all together. Some best leather designs include “Lion head leather bracelets”. They are splendid to give you a decent look.

They definitely deserve a spot in your bracelet jewelry box. Like nothing else and one-of-a-kind.

Crystal heart bracelet
Crystal Heart Bracelet
Interlocking G bracelet with gemstones
Interlocking G bracelet with gemstones

There are also “Interlocking G bracelet” and “Crystal heart bracelet” that you’ll approve in all contexts.

10. Louis Vuitton Bracelets

Rating: 4.2

Vuitton’s fine bracelet jewelry embraces a number of unique designs that help you to create on-trend playful effects. From bangles like “B Blossom Open” that lends style plus sparkle to your silhouette to LV VOLT UPSIDE DOWN BRACELET, each piece highlights the dazzling contrast on its own. If there’s one thing Louis Vuitton knows how to do, it’s to design really great accessories.

Louis Vuitton has something best out there to offer you. Try this best bracelet jewelry brand for women! Because Louis is worth it.


But we’re in love with its EMPREINTE YELLOW GOLD BANGLE that features the trunk-nail imprints to highlight your wrist with radiant sparkle.

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