Top 10 Best Jewelry Brands – WorldClass Designer 2022 (Unbiased Research)

Top 10 Best Jewelry Brands

Top 10 Best Jewelry Brands – WorldClass Designer 2022 (Unbiased Research)

There’s no denying that we adore helping people choose the best jewelry for complementing their styles. Also for a gift to your special one, or to wrap their finger with your passion and love. Therefore we’ve recommended what’s best jewelry brands out there.

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As we are experiencing the shifted role of jewelry from styling with special occasional outfits to everyday wear, you should go and shop these brands for wearing understated accessories just to keep everyone’s eyes on. Their trend-led and stunning jewels have recently blossomed the whole jewelry market and give a different worth-pursuing vibe.

Adding another article to our jewelry archives, we have mentioned names of our favourite top jewelry brands that you should pay close attention to. Here you can go on for best brands for choosing your engagement or a wedding rings. Check out the following top jewelry brands to sparkle your ensemble- no matter where you go!

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Top Rated Jewelry Brands Around The World 2022

We delved into determining which brands are best for you to go for styling earrings, bracelets, and necklaces with- either to carry them solo or altogether. Here are the most popular world-class jewelry brands to watch out.

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1. Kendra Scott

Rating: 4.7

Kendra Scott offers true wearable luxury. For every look you want style and for every occasion, Kendra has some playful stackable jewels for matching your day vibes. 

Inspired by the modern trend-led designs, Kendra has crafted the jewels delicately with a novelty texture. This jewelry brand is the place for you to shop if you’re looking for some wallet-fit quality items.  

Amp up your look with its Madelyn Gold Statement Earrings, paired with a gracefully sequined Madelyn Gold Strand Necklace. One of our favorite Kendra Scott’s party-wear. Stunningly perfect!

kendra scott brand - Madelyn Gold Statement Earrings
kendra scott brand - Madelyn Gold Strand Necklace
kendra scott brand - Lindsay Gold Statement Chain Necklace
kendra scott heart ring

2. James Allen

Rating: 4.7

If you’re a woman who likes to “treat herself”, Allen has got all the right chic additions to upgrade your look. From handcrafted pearl jewels to exquisitely designed diamond rings, everything at Allen’s online store is uniquely designed to bling out your presence with some striking statements. For sure, it will be a perfect adjustable fit in your jewelry box!

But our most favorite part is Allen’s bespoke services, offered to its clients. Whether it’s a pendant or an earring, a necklace, or a ring; you’re all free to design some elegantly bursting jewels for a classic or an embellishing look. Do you think it costs you so much to look expensive? Not at all with Allen. It is one of the affordable jewelry houses with a shiny sparkling bauble. A brand with elegant fashionable wear! Honestly.

james allen brand East-West Set Oval Halo Ruby And Diamond Necklace (18K White Gold)
james allen Wavy Ruby And Diamond Ring

3. Brilliant Earth

Rating: 4.6
brilliant earth brand review
Brilliant earth brand

By using the highest quality ingredients, Brilliant Earth champions sustainability. It is considered one of the top jewelry brands, always prefers to craft dazzling (perfectly sophisticated) jewels from recycled gold and diamonds and sustainable gemstones. The results? Distinctive and Chic classics!

Specializing in all types of Diamond shapes, Brilliant Earth reflects and creates sparkling beauty from every direction. Its trend-setting charms are highly versatile, perfect for creating edgy looks!

Oh, and by the way, Brilliant Earth offers you to add your individual touch to its jewelry collection. This means you can personalize your jewelry pieces and engrave anything on – just to keep moments close! It’s something effortlessly cool of it.

Elara Diamond Ring
Reina Sapphire and Diamond Earrings
Inner Compass Light Brown Diamond Pendant

4. Pandora

Rating: 4.5
pandora brand Sparkling Statement Halo Jewelry Gift Set
Snape Doe Patronus Dangle with Harry Potter Charm
pandora jewelry brand review

Loved for many reasons, Pandora is one of the most affordable houses of some photogenic jewelry collections. In addition, it offers endless styling possibilities for you to choose from, all as wallet-friendly. 

The best thing about Pandora’s crafted jewels is they can be styled in any way. For example, you can unwrap its “Pandora Moments Double Wrap Barrel Clasp Snake Chain” to be styled as a necklace or a bracelet. It’s all up to you how you want to frame your look quite affordably! 

Moreover, you can also load your jewels with additional charms or take them away- just how it suits you. All are breathtaking statement pieces, certainly made to last!

Link Chain Necklace pandra brand review
Double Snake Chain with Wrap Barrel Clasp

5. Cartier

Rating: 4.4
cartier jewlery brand

Cartier is the epitome of Parisian luxury. From one-of-a-kind magnetic creation to some eccentric jewels, everything is an exceptional offer here. Its jewels are the unique expressions of art that truly appeal like no other brand. That’s why Cartier’s iconic jewelry pieces are considered a gold-standard luxury. Their designs play some mindful games with their visual perceptions. 

Cartier is like a dream come true for someone jewelry-obsessed. So get yourself one of its iconic classics. They are indeed worth it. Impossible to resist!

cartier jewelry brand CLASH DE CARTIER NECKLACE
cartier brand review THE PARHELIA RING

6. David Yurman

Rating: 4.5
david yurman Châtelaine Pave Bezel Ring

David Yurman is an American inspiration of timeless innovations. Yurman’s jewelry is all empowered to enchant your style with vibrant textures and antiquities.

I mean, who will not like to add some exceptional precious beauties to her jewelry collection? This top jewelry brand perfectly fits your luxury bracket—a symbolic power motif for us.

david yurman brand Angelik Four Point Pendant Necklace
Belmont Curb Link Hoop Earrings
DY Element Small Pendant Necklace

7. Swarovski

Rating: 4.4
Swarovski brand review harmonia choker
Swarovski jewelry brand
Harmonia cuff

Swarovski is one of those top jewelry brands that serve you as a route to “be your boldest self”. Without the shining glitter of Swarovski, nothing can go splendidly well. 

A favourite of Rihanna and Beyoncé, Swarovski is the luxury for a reason. Everything from bracelets to chokers is a highly cool statements jewels capable of turning your usual day into a red-carpet moment for you! 

We’re more into Swarovski’s Harmonia collection. They are endlessly sparkling standouts.

Harmonia bracelet swarovski
Tennis Deluxe bracelet

8. Tiffany & Co.

Rating: 4.3
Tiffany & Co brand
Tiffany & Co. brand review

You can’t talk about the world’s top jewelry brands without mentioning Tiffany & Co. Everything about Tiffany’s collection is timelessly iconic and legendary. It is one of the most iconic jewelry brands that are worth your investment. A combination of rigour and precision!

Diamonds are a thing because of Tiffany. Its famous diamond ring setting is widely known to mark the love moments of life- Tiffany’s reason to outshine all other top jewelry brands. Its pieces are truly an embodiment of love that deserves a spot in your collection. 

Double Row Necklace
Double Row Hinged Bangle

9. Blue Nile

Rating: 4.2

It’s the coolest top jewelry brand you are yet to hear about. Luxury and Precision is fun at Blue Nile’s online store. From diamond studs to on-trend pearl strand classics and chunky bracelet essentials, you’ll find here every piece worthy of being cherished forever. 

Nile’s show-stopping jewelry pieces are a dream for fashion lovers. The colors, shapes, and designs are all exceptionally sparkled to flair your outfits. Absolutely lustrous & stackable!

Garland Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring
Diamond Station Bangle Bracelet

10. Prada

Rating: 4.2

If one top jewelry brand knows how to play with a triangular shape delicately, it’s definitely Prada. Prada is the protagonist of a new jewelry line with sleek and chunky designs, wholly influenced by the new touch and modern uniqueness.

It would be best if you tried out its Leather Bracelet collections. They carry a standout feminine charm embellished with sterling silver. Surely a must-have in your jewelry arsenal.

Prada Symbole necklace
Prada brand Symbole necklace

Bottom Line

Find the One

These were our favourite top jewelry brands that you should first go shopping for your needs. They excel the jewelry craftsmanship with bold perfection. I hope you enjoy reading our jewelry archives, and they successfully quench your best jewelry thirst.

Laura Halen is a Creative Content Writer. She has more than 10 years of experience in writing for the fashion industry. She is an expert at writing well research and well-crafted content.

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