Top 10 Best Luxury Engagement & Wedding Ring Brands 2022

best luxury engagement rings design

Top 10 Best Luxury Engagement & Wedding Ring Brands 2022

It is the most important day in your life when you decide the most charming and expensive engagement RING brand and when you’re planning to ring the luxury wedding bells. Your greatest desire on this historic day will definitely be to wrap your special one’s finger with an elegant and unique ring design that will last for a lifetime.

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If you’re worried or not sure to find the world-class jewelry brand, we will give you the top 10 best luxurious engagement and wedding rings brands to find the perfect one for your partner. 

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Best Luxury Engagement & Wedding Ring Brands 2022

Why Should You Buy From Engagement & Wedding Ring Brands?

Best Luxury Engagement & Wedding Ring Brands
Best Luxury Engagement Ring Brand 2022
Best Luxury Engagement Ring Brands

Let me throw my two cents on this matter. A great way to pick out a modish yet classic engagement ring or a wedding ring is to go for designer brands. These world-class brands will make you save from buying a cheap knockoff. They offer you beautifully encrusted rings with graceful designs that for sure stand the test of time.

Brands like Tiffany & Co., Bulgari, and De Beers offer new-to-market styles for a variety range of budgets, perfect for budget-conscious ones. This wide range of price points lets you shop around and browse the ring that is both budget-friendly and fits your style.

Also, you can find their online stores super easy to explore a bunch of rings hassle-free.

Top Luxury Brands for Engagement & Wedding Rings

We have articulated a list of the 10 best engagement and wedding ring brands to whet your appetite. Each of these brands has something unique to offer that sets them apart. Have a look at these high-end engagement and wedding ring brands and get ready to part with some handsome cash.

1. Tiffany & Co. Rings

Rating: 4.7

Tiffany & Co. is known for its all-around famous traditional engagement ring setting that incorporates a solitaire diamond held in place with six metal prongs. If you’re looking for an iconic diamond ring with considered quality, Tiffany & Co. should be your first go-to brand.

Founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young, Tiffany & Co. has inarguably retained the position of most-trusted and famous brand among others in all times, since 1837. 

A high-quality diamond ring crafted expertly with a classic design will absolutely elicit a “wow” reaction the moment you get down on your knees and take it out.

And who wouldn’t be attracted by the famous iconic blue boxes- a distinctive feature of Tiffany’s brand? This Tiffany’s setting- an iconic ring in an ergonomic blue box- is the most sought-after. Why wouldn’t it be?

You can also find other diamond jewelry and luxury goods to match your ring-in case, on its online store.

Oh and by the way you’ll find the brand headquarter in Brooklyn, New York City, just to let you know.

2. Bulgari Rings

Rating: 4.7

While talking about luxurious engagement ring brands you miss out on Bulgari? It’d be quite unfair. You can’t let the finest Italian jewelry maker slip out of your bucket list even accidentally.

This Italian company has been in business since 1884. Founded by Sotirios Voulgaris, Bulgari has established a reputation for excellence with magnificent creation and exquisite craftsmanship of jewelry. You’ll find a number of rings with classic designs having different colors and stone types like Emerald, Rubies & Sapphires in its stores. Whereas for diamonds, Bulgari goes for 5Cs that is Color, Carat, Clarity, Cut, and Conflict-free.

And don’t get confused between the titles. The brand’s name is BULGARI but the products are traded under the title BVLGARI- a tip!

3. De Beers Rings

Rating: 4.6

A Diamond Is Forever” Have you heard that somewhere? Why not ‘cause that was a slogan of DeBeers marketing campaign.

The tradition of wearing engagement rings or wedding rings existed long before the establishment of the DeBeers brand. But the DeBeers’ campaign of 1947 turned wearing a diamond ring on an engagement or wedding into an enduring custom. The reason why the diamond ring is considered a thing is because of DeBeers. Genuinely! Wearing the highest quality of diamond makes you ultimately confident and stands you out from the crowd. Yep!

You may find DeBeers in controversies for over the decades since 1888 but things have become fairer with time. Now, DeBeers is regarded as one of the most luxurious engagement ring brands with unrivaled expertise in diamond exploration, mining, and marketing.

Founded by Cecil Rhodes in 1888, the headquarter of DeBeers is located in London, UK. If you’re looking for breathtaking diamond perfection rings with modern creativity, DeBeers is there to lead.

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4. Cartier Rings

Rating: 4.5

Cartier’s engagement ring is considered the epitome of Parisian luxury. Seriously! Founded by Louis-Francois Cartier in 1847, this brand is considered one of the oldest finest designers in history with unique jewelry and fragrance collections. The brand remained under the control of Cartier’s family until 1960 but the quality is still of high-class like always.

Cartier has been long associated with royalty and celebs. Wallis Simpson and Kate Middleton (known as The Dutchess of Cambridge) are some prominent Cartier’s customers. And most notable is King Edward VII who commissioned 27 tiaras from Cartier’s brand in his coronation ceremony of 1902.

The 1895 engagement ring collection of this French brand pays homage to timelessly elegant designs that have been a mainstay in the jewelry industry for generations. This brand also provides trendy and avant-garde styles to appeal to today’s brides-to-be.

5. Buccellati Rings

Rating: 4.4

Buccellati is all about luxury. Its engagement and wedding ring designs are glamorous with lots of bands, diamonds, and heavy price tags. There’s no denying in its craftsmanship and quality with a lesser but iconic reputation.

The brand “Buccellati” is named after the Italian jewelry expert Mario Buccellati began making accessories in 1919. Due to well-encrusted gems and high-quality designs, people started to like this jewelry collection. And this led to the start of Buccellati’s success and development.

After setting its stores in Rome, Milan, and France, this famous wedding ring brand expanded its network to New York and other premier cities around the globe just in decades.

6. Graff Rings

Rating: 4.5

Graff counts as another brand that has the world’s royalty as its customers, out of which Princess Charlene of Monaco is most notable. This brand was founded by a London-based British Jeweler Laurence Graff in 1960 and since then, it’s been in the market as one of the luxurious engagement ring brands.

You’ll find a notably rarer and beautiful collection of diamonds at Graff than any other brand. Just to make you believe this fact here’s how? Graff offers Wittelsbach-Graff blue diamond, which has been possessed by the European royal families since 1644.

What’s worth noting is that if wearing a customized engagement ring is all you’ve dreamed of, Graff is there to make it come true. It offers bespoke services where you can design your ring however you want it to. This is something that makes Graff one of a kind.

On its website, you’ll not see the price tags for customized diamond engagement and wedding rings. It gives you a hint that maybe a Graff diamond ring would be out of your budget. For sure it will be. But hey! Don’t be sad. Nothing in this world is impossible so dream it.

7. Harry Winston Rings

Rating: 4.4

Since 1932, when the first Harry Winston store was opened in New York, this brand has been remained famous and a favorite among Elite Americans.

Actually, Harry Winston, the jeweler himself purchased Arabella Huntington’s legendary collection of jewelry in 1926. He then redesigned the old-fashioned jewels into contemporary ones by giving them a more aesthetic look. Now Winston’s jewelry is known for its unequivocal beauty featured with exceptional gemstones.

In 1943, Harry Winston became the first jeweler to loan diamonds to an actress named Jennifer Jones for an award ceremony. Recently, his extravagant engagement rings have adorned the hands of Trump’s first wife- Marla Maples who auctioned her ring in 2016 for $300,000. Moreover, Ben Affleck became Harry’s client in 2002 after purchasing a pink diamond ring for his ex-flame Jennifer Lopez.

Now at this point, I’ll leave you to decide what to make of it.

8. Verragio Rings

Rating: 4.3

Unlike any other ring” is the tagline of Barry Verragio’s brand that we find absolutely true. When you glance at its unique and stunning jewelry collection, you will definitely find it ready to rake in all the compliments.

Barry Verragio has vast experience of more than 20 years in the jewelry designing field. This made him a master in ring designs with an elegant, European- inspired style. Verragio incorporates a signature Lumino setting in his designs that enhances the diamond placed in the center, making it stand out. This Lumino setting suspends the diamond and allows a greater amount of sunlight to hit its facets. And the result comes in the form of a unique diamond ring with unrivaled excellence and brilliance.

Verragio rings are known for their exquisite accent diamonds, which make the band stand out like the White Gold Oval Halo Ring. You can visit its online store to browse Verragio’s collection throughout.

9. Jeff Cooper Rings

Rating: 4.2

Jeff Cooper works on a “Less is more” philosophy that serves as a trademark for his wedding and engagement ring designs. The designs don’t try to achieve too much, instead of focusing on the classic, elegant look that has made diamond jewelry so popular for many years.

Amber Engagement Ring is the finest example of Cooper’s classic ring collection. Within a slightly tapered shank, it features two rows of beautiful pave set round diamonds. Under the center basket, a delicate rope design forms an X” bridge, strengthening the love bonds.

Another classic example is Jeff Cooper’s “Heidi Eternity Wedding Band” from his Heirloom Collection. This band glows all the way around with bead-set diamonds. A vintage-inspired millgrain channel wall is a unique feature that feels infinitely romantic when you go to wearing it.

Founded in 1976, Jeff Cooper is one of the oldest and professional jewelry designers with the reputation of designing the most refined and precise rings. It is because of his more than 40 years of experience that his designs have an understated elegance that will last for years.

10. Tacori Rings

Rating: 4.2

Based in California, Tacori is one of the biggest names of jewelry brands and engagement rings due to its handcrafted artisan designs. Especially, its engagement rings collection is breathtakingly provided with a combination of modern inspiration and classic elegance.

Tacori rings have a classic, vintage feel, which sets them apart and makes them lovely heirlooms to pass down the years. Their signature design components are classic crescents, which strike the perfect balance between modern and vintage.

Wrapping Up

James Allen

A lot depends on your decision. Trusting one of these engagement and wedding ring brands is quite an efficient way to come out with a stunning ring. They excel at what they do and they invest as much in an engagement or wedding ring as you do.

Their trademarked designs are quite unique, elegant, and different. And, as a matter of fact, your partner is one of a kind, and her/his ring should reflect that.

There are numerous cuts to choose, a variety of metals and styles to consider, and of course, the all-important step of finalizing the brand. This is most often a gut decision but requires your consideration.

If your partner prefers a more classic and subtle ring style, go for Jeff Cooper. If you don’t mind paying a huge premium, then try Tiffany & Co. and Graff because they’re the best in the market. If you want a vintage touch in your ring, try Tacori. And if you want more modern and elegant ring designs, go for either Buccellati, Harry Winston, or Verragio.

Hope you find this article made your quest for the best luxury engagement and wedding rings brand more manageable. Be open to trying other styles and Best of luck for your special day!

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