Are Kendra Scott Necklace Worth To Buy?

Kendra Scott Necklaces

Are Kendra Scott Necklace Worth To Buy?

Be it minimalism, modern or Bohemian style; there’s something for everyone at Kendra’s store. This article will highlight some of the best-selling Kendra Scott Necklace designs worth accessorising and customers’ views. So if you feel in over your head about whether Kendra Scott Necklaces are really worth it? Let us help you in dealing with it.

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What Kendra Scott is? Why Kendra Scott is worth it?

Kendra Scott is a wonderland of bling for fashionistas who prefer to carry a wearable luxury. Started by Kendra herself in 2002, this brand is known for its affordable statement pieces, and all are fashion-forward, truly accessible, and unique. So what’s not available at Kendra that you want to style with? Drusy necklaces, stacked rings, or layered arm wear? Every striking statement pocket-friendly jewel is worth your investment.


Why is Kendra Scott so famous?

Usually designed in Austin, Texas, this brand has a strong foundation in its iconic pieces with filigree details, versatile beauty, and fineness. Most importantly, Kendra Scott’s Necklaces are an assortment of accessible fashion trends that can be paired with any outfit to accent your style. They add the right amount of glam and Southern charm, to pull your daywear together.

why kendra scott necklace so famous

If you’re wondering why Kendra Scott jewelry is so popular, it’s because of being trendy, quality, and wallet-friendly. Its classics neither are overly expensive nor are cheap. They fall in the middle of Tiffany’s and Claire’s. This makes it easy for you & me to buy some quality luxury pieces at a reasonable cost.
It’s a perfect fit in terms of functionality, affordability, versatility, and trend-setting. Especially, its fine gold and sterling silver jewelry pieces are worth your money to become family heirlooms. Moreover, you’ll find these pieces retaining their value by standing the test of time. Certainly!

Best Kendra Scott Necklaces

From Statement necklace pieces to Chokers, Chains, and Pendants, Kendra has an all-sided suite of necklaces that includes different sparkling accessories to curate your look. It offers everything to suit your taste. But, it would be best to go for the following classics, given below, to add a personal and self-definitive touch to your jewelry box.

Kendra Scott - Elisa Pendant

Kendra Scott - Elisa Pendant necklaces

Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Necklace has remained the brand’s bestseller since 2015 for adding a stylish color pop to your everyday ensembles. Kendra’s minimalist piece offers elegance and class with dainty oval stone in the center, combined with a delicate metallic chain. 

Being available in a rainbow of colors, perfect to suit every outfit style & vibe, is not the only reason for its admired acceptance. Elisa’s availability in different stones, including Pearls, Glass, Amethyst, Kyocera Opal, Peridot, Jade, and others with customizable length to carry, is another reason for becoming a signature for other brands. However, how much it will cost you depends on what colored stone and chain length you opt to go for.

Its customizable lengths, stone colors & metals are the reasons why Elisa Pendant has a wide fan base. In a minute, more than one Elisa necklace sells out. It’s a stylish, affordable luxury that spices up your vibe, whether you wear it solo or layered with other staples.  

Elisa Necklaces are a ready-to-wear-anywhere accessory that usually retails under $75 for most of its offerings. So it makes it quite affordable to own and gift someone else. This colorful beauty will sure not come up with your regret- particularly when you’re intended to worth your every cent. It’s such a complementary classic you should not hesitate to go for. So don’t hold getting your hands on it!

Kendra Scott Necklace- Nola Gold Pendant

Kendra Scott Necklace- Nola Gold Pendant necklace

If you’re not a big statement pieces fan, then Nola Gold Pendant should be your go-to necklace. With its minute charms, this small stone pendant provides glitz and glam, to sparkle your entire outfit.

If you love some dainty details, we suggest you to better layer it with other trinkets. It will provide you with all the shiny sparkle, required for some understated trendy statements. You can also easily pair it with some dainty Kendra earrings to pull your look together. 

Nola Gold is one of those most sought-out pieces that are worthy to buy, for sure! And, it rings up a total of just $51. Affordable enough! Isn’t it? 

So without any further wait, pick up one Nola Pendant for yourself!

Kendra Scott Necklace Prices

Well, if you want to show off your collarbone and neck area, nothing would provide more glam than one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. So, to give you a taste of some affordable luxuries Kendra store has got to offer, here are some options shortlisted for you.

Kendra Scott necklace under $50

1. Baroque Elisa Gold Pendant

Perfect for restaurant dates, this 18″ chain Kilim-inspired Gold pendant will cost a cool around $48, as a part of what’s-on-Kendra-sale. 


Size: 0.77″ L x 0.47″ W

Necklace length: 18″ chain

Baroque Elisa Gold Pendant

2. Bridgete Silver Pendant

Far from boring, this elongated silhouette necklace comes out incredibly lightweight than other heavier alternatives.
Available in Platinum, Blue & Black Drusy, add this major statement pieces to your collection for just around $44.97, before it leaves the sale show.
Size: 0.59″L x 0.23″W
Necklace length: 16″ chain with 3″ extender

Bridgete Silver Pendant

3. Ari Heart Gold Pendant

Classic and so feminine with its design, this staple will be a new obsession to style with all your favorite outfits. Its light and undyed stone inspires love and nurturing, best if worn alone. Well, you can also let it shine with others if you’re in the mood.

Get a spot for this forever trinket in your jewelry box for just $48.                


Size: 0.49″ L x 0.57″ W

Necklace length: 15″L chain + 2″ extender

What are Kendra Scott Necklace Lengths?

All the Kendra Scott Necklace Chains are quite adjustable and the right fit. But for creating a neckline-fitted look or lengthening the necklace chain perfectly, Kendra offers you customization with ease.
For the increasing length of Kendra Scott necklaces, “Lobster Claw” and “Hook Necklace Extenders” are designed to create your dream look. And for styling a timeless keepsake in layers, you’ve got plenty of chain options too, depending on necklace designs.
Well, it’s worthy to note that Kendra helpfully offers extenders with some short-length necklaces. However, if you don’t see extenders attached in detail or if you want to embrace a fitted necklace accessory, consult the customer service. They’ll help you customize your Kendra Scott Necklace length.

Real vs Fake Kendra Scott Necklace

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How do you if it’s a Kendra Scott Necklace or not? Where to buy Kendra Scott necklaces from?

Well, to answer such kinda questions many online stores are selling super fakes by tagging quite affordable offers- just to attract buyers. Don’t get fooled by trusting 4 or 5 stars on Kendra Scott jewelry using any site. Stores like Etsy and eBay have got some fake jewel options, pretty close to the original one.

To make sure you get your hands on real Kendra Scott Necklaces, you should shop from the brand’s official website or their Amazon store. You can also buy Kendra Scott’s collection from its authorized retail partners including Balfour, Rocks Box, Stitch Fix, Zappos, and many others, authentically declared on its site. Other retailers like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Neiman Marcus and Macy’s are also featuring its collections.

So research well before investing in any product! You can also find out your closest Kendra Scott retailer here.

Pros and Cons of Kendra Scott Necklaces Jewelry

Let’s go over some of Kendra Scott’s pros and cons quite shortly.

Pros of Kendra Scott Necklace

  • Versatile and adjustable jewels
  • Affordable accessories
  • Easy Customization
  • The brand has a philanthropic aspect of donating 20% to a good cause.
  • Positive and friendly work environment
  • Encouraging and appreciated buyer reviews

Cons of Kendra Scott Necklace

  • Customized pieces are non-refundable
  • Certain items are a bit pricey.
  • Jewelry stone color as shown online might not be the same in actual.

What do Customers think about Kendra Scott Jewelry? Kendra Scott Necklace Reviews

Kendra’s jewelry pieces were featured in Oscar de la Renta Spring 2006 and 2007 Duke’s runway. Even Simone Biles was caught wearing Kendra’s accessory on “Dancing with the Stars”. These events are enough to believe that Kendra Scott is more than just a jewelry brand.
We would recommend you go the extra mile for making a worthy investment. That’s why for totally whetting your appetite, here are some Kendra Scott customer’s Necklace reviews. Check them out & see why people value Kendra Scott to shop anything.

Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Customer reviews

Kendra Scott Nola Gold Pendant Customer reviews


1. How much does a Kendra Scott Necklace cost?

Kendra has got a wide assortment of necklaces to make fashion trends accessible for you. It won’t cost your whole-month-salary to buy a single dazzling Kendra statement. Definitely not! Plus, the ongoing sales at Kendra’s stores offer incredible discounts. Every luxury is affordable here.

2. Is Kendra Scott Necklace real Gold?

Kendra offers real and genuine Gold jewelry, possessing a perfect heirloom-material quality with a smooth finish. Its fine & timeless Gold jewelry collection is cast in 14k solid gold, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold to complement every skin tone.

3. How to clean Kendra Scott Necklace?

The best way to clean Kendra Scott’s jewelry is to wash it off with hand soap and lukewarm water. Then dry it with a soft cloth, remember don’t tissue paper or a towel. You better should avoid using any dips, polishes, or other cleaning products to maintain your jewelry shine

4. What are Kendra Scott Necklaces made of?

Kendra Scott necklaces are made up of fine silver, gold, and rhodium materials along with other precious stones. The unique geometrical shapes and filigree detailing serve as cherries on top – something that makes Kendra’s jewelry unique.

5. Do Kendra Scott necklaces change color?

Well as long as you take care of your necklace jewelry, it will hold up pretty well. The improper care and rough wearing routine may alter your metal shine. Deal it with care and always use a pouch for safekeeping.

6. Do Kendra Scott necklaces come in different lengths?

All Kendra Scott necklaces vary in length, designs, and styles. Like the Elisa Pendant Emerald Cat’s Eye comes with 15 to 17 inches in length. Whereas, Baroque Elisa Gold Pendant has 18 inches length. It all depends on how you want to style your narrative.

7. Can I exchange my Kendra Scott necklace?

Other than the “Final Sale” jewels, you can exchange your Kendra Scott necklace within 30 days of purchase at your nearest retailer. No worries at all!

8. Can I return a Kendra Scott necklace?

If it’s not a “Final Sale” product (like customized items, engraved pieces, or discount offers), the brand offers a 30-days return policy for its customers to return the unused products.

9. Can I sleep in my Kendra Scott necklace?

It’s better if you remove your costume jewelry before falling asleep. Due to continuous wear, your jewelry plating may fade over time whether it’s Kendra Scott or any other brand. So, deal with it with care.

10. Can I wear my Kendra Scott necklace in the shower?

If you want to keep the metal shine and plating for long, you should avoid dealing it with inappropriate care. Always remove your jewels before washing hands, taking shower, swimming, exercising, or applying any body product (like perfume or lotion).

11. Where to get Kendra Scott necklaces?

For buying Kendra Scott necklaces, head over to Kendra’s online store to explore its Necklace collection. Along with its in-store boutiques, you can also buy Kendra’s jewelry from other retailers. Amazon, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdale’s are included in its other sellers’ list.

12. How to contact Kendra?

 For more details and information or to get more instructions, feel free to avail Kendra Scott Customer Service via 866-677-7023 or

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