Moonstone Meaning- Benefits, Healing Properties & Colors

Moonstone meaning

Moonstone Meaning- Benefits, Healing Properties & Colors

Moonstone means hope, sensitivity, intuition, and well-being. But there’s still a lot to know about this opalescent milky stone that leaves a great impression on your day energy. Read on to discover more about moonstone’s meaning, its healing properties, and how moonstone gemstone inspires your psychic abilities for living a fulfilled life.

Defining Moonstone

What is moonstone and what does it look like

What is moonstone & what does it look like?

Moonstone is basically one of the feldspar minerals that has a pearly appearance. On a closer look, you’ll find a soft fluid watery movement creating a hypnotic effect like the glimmering moonlight is locked up inside. 

Usually, this Potassium Aluminium Silicate is found transparent in its finest and purest form. However, people also discover this gemstone in gray, peach, orange, blue, pink, green, brown, and even in multi colors like a rainbow. Hosting some deep meanings like new beginnings and divine feminine energy, it’s a thing of beauty. True enough!

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Moonstone meaning - What does it represent?

What does moonstone mean
  • Moonstone represents hope, intuition, renewal, love, fertility, and feminity. Due to its playful glimmer and admired significance, this gemstone is highly valued by spiritualists and devotees for its healing element. 
  • The significance of Moonstone is found in its vitality, which is as old as the moon itself. This power can nourish and awaken your feminine energy by leading you to your inner path. 
  • Being a meditative and protective gemstone, Moonstone is good for self-development, restoring your emotional stability, enhancing fertility and creativity, cooling down anxieties, and making newly purified and energetic beginnings. Empowering your own self by removing all the negative energies and by tapping on your instincts is what moonstone helps you do. It acts like a mirror to see your restored calm, feminine reflection.

What are moonstone’s properties?

What is moonstone and what does it look like

Moonstone has got eccentric popularity among various cultures, religions, and social classes due to several diversified reasons. People have always acknowledged this gemstone in all ages and life phases for its overwhelming benefits, which they have interpreted according to their own beliefs. 

This multicolored crystal adores bringing light into your life, and the Moonstone, like the cosmic rock that hangs in our sky, is linked to all of our emotions, the tides, light and dark, and the depths of our own soul. Moreover, due to its shining aesthetic, this moonstone gemstone is a major part of today’s fashion and jewelry statements. 

Let’s have a look at what different purposes people use moonstone for and what moonstone healing properties are?

Moonstone Metaphysical Benefits

Moonstone Metaphysical Benefits

Moonstone can be used for so many reasons, for good. This gemstone’s metaphysical properties are the features that affect all your life courses and relations. It is filled with psychic abilities alongside other properties. Let’s dive into them.

  • Helps develop meaningful and positive relationships with people around as you start wearing it
  • As it is connected to Crown, Third Eye, and Heart Chakras, moonstone relieves stress and negative energies
  • Develops a sense of wonder and calm
  • Bring harmony and peace
  • Helps increase intimacy in your love life
  • Gives more confident feminine feels
  • Serves as a protective stone for travelers, sailors, voyagers, and even pregnant females.
  • Serves as a balancing gemstone for those who remain indecisive and confused
  • Serves as a healer for all physical and psychological discomforts
  • Serves as a sacred eccentric jewelry piece to accentuate your look with its sparkling glimmer

Moonstone Healing Properties

  • Cleans blood and improves digestion
  • Heals diseases and disorders particularly of liver and stomach
  • Helps achieve your emotional balance and stability
  • Regulates menstrual cycle and ease childbirth pain
  • Cures insomnia by normalizing your sleep cycle
  • Helps improve your intuition
  • Marks “New Life Beginnings” by getting over past grievances 
  • Develops creativity and productive skills in your personality
  • Gives you a sense of relaxation and composure
  • Boosts your confidence and hormonal balance
  • Enhances your true elegance
  • Nurtures strength and stability in you
  • Suppresses negative thoughts, anger, envy, suicidal vibes, and other polarizing emotions
  • Instills tranquility and brings affection into your life
  • Abates degenerative conditions
  • Helps control hyperactive children
  • Controls sleepwalking
  • Provides protection, especially to Travelers
  • Protects you from Psychic attacks and confusion
  • Allows spiritual growth and emotional healing
  • Ease all kinds of physical discomforts and brings healthier fruition 
  • Known as the “Most Appropriate Balancer” to achieve balance in everything

Moonstone is far beyond just wellbeing, healing, and lucky stone. It guides you in taking the right decisions in life and helps find a purpose to live. We all possess both light and dark forces, and moonstone helps maintain a balance between them.

What color is moonstone?

Moonstone has got varieties in it with various colors and mixed shapes and cuts. Besides watery and pearly white moonstone, this gem is found in the following popular forms and color variations.

Popular Moonstone Shapes

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Square
  • Marquise
  • Rectangle
  • Pear

Moonstone Mixed Shapes (for Jewelry formations)

  • Heart
  • Pyramid
  • Pendulum
  • Sculpture
  • Curved
  • Merkaba
  • Freeform

Moonstone Color Varieties

Moonstone Color Varieties

1. Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone-Meaning

Rainbow Moonstone is good for boosting your inner confidence and enduring creativity. This moonstone gemstone is known for its rich-in-energy psychic protection. It acts like a cosmic connector that strengthens your psychic abilities by improving your mental health. 

If you’re searching for the answer to how to clean rainbow moonstones? Then here’s a short guide. Place your Rainbow moonstone under lukewarm water just for a few seconds. After that, dry it using a soft piece of cloth. You can also leave your Rainbow Moonstone with Quartz or Selenite crystals. It will, too, help cleanse your moonstone gemstone without even using water. 

2. White Moonstone

White Moonstone-meaning

White moonstone will deem to you as a gemstone capturing the new moon’s energy and light. It improves your visionary concept and magnifies your emotions without compromising on balance. 

3. Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone-meaning

Featuring peach lines from within and silvery gray flashes, Black moonstone prisms renovation and remove the negative energies, hidden inside your soul.

4. Blue Moonstone

Blue Moonstone-meaning

With a bluish shimmer inside, this gemstone is popular to heal even the most inaccessible parts of the human soul. This gemstone is all about seeing and identifying things and letting them go. Its soft energy makes you feel completely well by nourishing your focus, vision, and psychological clarity. People most often term it as “Cat’s Eye Moonstone” which is the most precious and rarest of all. 

5. Gray Moonstone

Gray Moonstone-Meaning

One of the Moonstone’s more mystical styles, this moonstone is all about lifting the veils so you can see beyond the edges. 

6. Yellow/Peach Moonstone

Yellow-Peach Moonstone-Meaning

With its summer shine, this peachy yellow glowing gemstone washes away your anxieties by lighting up the dark areas of your soul.  It’s also known as “Stone for Women,” which helps them achieve fertility, calmness, and divine feminine energy.

Frequently Asked Question - Moonstone

Checking the differences in the layers will work to tell if your moonstone is real or not. Both orthoclase and albite will be present in a true Moonstone’s composition. A genuine Moonstone will have a blue sheen and will catch the light when viewed from various angles. It won’t work at all angles, therefore if your stone emits light from every aspect, it’s probably not real.

Moonstone is generally found in the USA, India, Sri Lanka, Norway, Australia, Mexico, Switzerland, Brazil, and Germany. These countries are also called Moonstone Origins. 

Moreover, you can also find these gemstones at any crystal reseller. But beware of fakes. Make sure the reseller that you’re going to buy moonstone from is trustable and reputable enough to do an authentic deal.

Rather than visiting the Moonstone Origins for getting you an original stone, you can also check out some local and online stores as well as the yearly expos and events for buying it. If you wanna try an online store then Moonmagic should be your first click. With its headquarter in Florida, this brand offers high-quality and real moonstone jewelry to embellish your look with. 

People who want their hands on rare and precious moonstones should keep themselves updated with trade fairs and exhibitions. is the most helpful website in this regard that posts timely updates about upcoming events, related to jewelry, crystals, and minerals. 

However, for those who want to shop moonstone in person, visit leading jewelers like Zales

The moonstone is not expensive at all but yes, its worth varies. As moonstone is a crystal, how much it is worth depends on the stone’s color, clarity, and cut. The higher the quality of moonstone is, the more valuable it will be considered.

Wearing a moonstone ring on your ring finger or little finger will work best for you. The ring finger carries the earth element’s energy, while the little finger carries the water element’s vitality. Wearing a gemstone on the left-hand helps boost the properties of that gemstone into your subconscious mind and the inner world because the left hand is more related to your subconscious mind. 

But you can also wear a moonstone ring on your right-hand little or ring finger. It will also work anyway. The reason is this gemstone works with the natural frequencies of your body, sending those healing vibes right where are they needed.

For cleaning your moonstone, we recommend you to either soak your gemstone in warm, soapy water for 2-3 minutes or wash the stone under the moving water. It will remove all your stone’s negative vibrations and help restore the force back from the water. Do not use any jewelry cleaner, polishing cloth, or other harsh chemicals. Then use a soft piece of cloth to wipe it off. 

The other method that you can also do easily at home is to burn a smudge stick and place your moonstone in the smoke created by the stick for 40-80 seconds. Keep the salt nearby while trying this so that the salt can absorb all the negativity that will come out of the stone. 

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