Pearl Necklace Meaning: What Do Pearls Symbolize Spiritually & Origin

what is Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace Meaning: What Do Pearls Symbolize Spiritually & Origin

What Does A Pearl Necklace Mean? ”Pearls represent love, beauty, wealth, and good luck and are believed to carry a protective power.” Read this full to know what do pearls symbolize spiritually, Origin, Healing properties and varieties around the world. 

Giving pearl jewelry to your favorite person can be a memorable gift for a lifetime! The best thing about pearls is that they shine every time you wear them, and unlike other jewelry, if pearls are kept in a box, they can lose their color. Since they have a little water content in them, it’s better to wear them the whole day, and they won’t tarnish when in contact with air. How do they have water content in them? What differentiates pearls from other gemstones? Find it yourself through this helpful article!

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What Does Getting A Pearl Necklace Means?

Pearl Necklace symbolize

Pearl Gemstones have been in fashion for ages, giving you a unique and stunning look whenever you wear them. The fascinating part about pearls is that there’s no need to cut or Polish them for a final look. Getting a pearl necklace from your beloved ones is seen as a sign of love.

Some people believe that pearls carry magical protective power and send it to you when you’re going on a journey or if it’s the start of something new. In the olden days, pearl Necklaces were worn by beautiful queens and princesses, and they are seen to represent beauty. A single piece of Pearl on your neck can give you a different glow!

If someone gives you a pearl necklace, it also means they are wishing you good luck, as pearls are seen to bring wealth and harmony.

However, in ancient times, middle eastern people believed that pearls bring bad luck and that the pearls were the tears of rebelled angels. Hence, they used to avoid sending it as a gift to newly wedded couples, thinking that it could ruin their marriage and bring tears to the eyes of the bride. Now, there’s no such thing as this!

What Does A Pearl Necklace symbolize?

Pearl Necklace Meaning
Getting A Pearl Necklace Means

In ancient times, only authorized people were seen wearing pearls; hence, whenever a person wears a pearl necklace or any pearl jewelry, it symbolizes dignity and honor. Pearls also symbolize the moon and this is the reason they are seen as magical protectors.

Origin Of Pearls

Julius Caesar Pearl Necklace

Pearls were found before written history. Hence no one knows who first found the pearl. They were first discovered by the ancient people who were searching for food on the shores. Pearl was first used as a decorative piece of art, but then the Chinese started gifting it to each other. Later in the first century, A law was passed by Julius Caesar who declared that pearls can only be worn by high ruling class people.
The 16th century was called “The Pearl Age” in England, and it showed the prestige pearls started having. Later, The Asians finally discovered how to make cultured pearls, and local people then wore the pearls.

How Are Pearls Formed?

How Are Pearls Formed

Unlike other gemstones, pearls are not extracted through mining or underground, but they are produced in the oceans and created by living creatures naturally. Once Pearls are found in the water, they don’t need to get cut or mixed with other gemstones to fake their beauty, and they are sold as it is.

Pearls are formed by mollusks. When the mollusks feel any irritant in the water, they form a protective layer above them to protect them. When these protective layers keep on accumulating, they finally form pearls. We then wear pearl necklaces and pearl jewelry as it is seen to protect us, just like pearls.

There are two types of pearls, they are natural pearls and cultured pearls

Natural pearls are the ones formed naturally but cultured pearls are produced by humans. People started putting a nucleus into a living oyster, when it feels irritated, it then starts forming protective layers around it. So the introduction of cultured pearls, made more pearls accessible to people worldwide.

Varieties Of Pearl Necklaces

When we hear the word ‘pearl’, we all think of it as a white shiny ball, but there are a lot of other varieties of pearls too that are found in different locations and colors.

  • South Sea White Pearls

South Sea White Pearls

South Sea White Pearls are formed on the shores of the Philippines, Australia, and Indonesia. They’re produced by silver and golden-colored oysters. The starting price of these pearls is two hundred dollars and they continue going up.

  • Akoya Pearls

Akoya Pearls

Akoya Pearls are the most common pearls and they come from Japan’s water produced by an oyster called Pinctada fucata. Japan’s pearl industry is very big and these Akoya Pearls are affordable too.

  • Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are found in the rivers and seas of China and to some extent, they can also be found in the U.S and Japan. They are white or pink colored pearls that look pretty on a girl’s neck.

  • Black Pearls

Black Pearls

Unlike the name black Pearls, they are also found in green, blue, silver green, and peacock colors. They are found in Tahiti and the French Polynesian Islands. These beautiful and shiny black Pearls are formed by an oyster called Pinctada Margaritifera.

Pearl Healing Properties

The most surprising fact about pearls is that they have some healing properties too. 

  • Pearls treat depression and anxiety. Because of their calming effects, pearls are recommended to people who have anger issues and think negatively all the time.
  • Pearls bring confidence to their wearer. People who wear pearl jewelry are seen to be more confident and bold hence. It’s a good choice for debaters and public speakers.
  • Pearls also improve one’s memory and intelligence.
  • Pearl powder was used in Chinese medicine for detoxification as it contains magnesium.

What Does Wearing A Single Pearl Necklace show?

What Does Wearing A Single Pearl Necklace
What Does Wearing A Single Pearl Necklace show

A single Pearl Necklace is a symbol of love, and just one pearl on your neck shows that you have chosen a single person for your love over other people in your life.

What Does Wearing Three Pearl Necklace Means?

What Does Wearing Three Pearl Necklace Means
What Does Wearing Three Pearl Necklace Meaning
What Does Wearing Three Pearl Necklace Means
Wearing Three Pearl Necklace Meaning

The Queen is seen wearing a three-strand pearl necklace that shows their power and dignity. Hence, people love wearing three Pearl necklaces if they can’t afford three-strand necklaces to show their authority, giving them a stylish look.


Pearls are the most popular jewelry item and probably the most valued one too. These days when everyone is seen wearing a diamond or gold jewelry, a simple pearl necklace on your neck gives a very elegant and decent look. You glow differently wearing a shiny pearl necklace or pearl hand band. Pearl rings and tops are also a good idea for a classic and charming dressing style.

FAQs Of Pearl Necklaces

Ans. The price of pearls varies according to their variety. It can be less than one USD, and it can also be more than a hundred thousand USD.

Ans. Yes, pearls are meant to be used daily. If you don’t use it daily and it’s kept in the drawer for weeks, it can lose its color.

Ans. You should not wear a pearl necklace during a bath or shower. Make sure you remove the necklace before going to sleep.

Ans. You can clean the pearls with a damp cloth or even use a bar of soap with no chemicals. Use lukewarm water, as too hot or too cold water, can damage the surface of the pearl. Therefore, don’t forget to check the water temperature of the damp cloth.

Ans. Faux is the name given to fake pearls. They are also called ‘costume’. Fake pearls are usually made of glass or plastic.

Ans. Yes, some real pearls turn yellow with time.
Fake pearls don’t usually change color.

Ans. The largest pearl in the world is The Pearl of Puerto. A Filipino fisherman founded it.

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