Why James Avery Necklaces Are Worth To Buy?

james Avery Necklaces

Why James Avery Necklaces Are Worth To Buy?

The thing that’s most inspiring about James Avery (a big brand name) is his “Can do” passion that astonishingly turned his life pages. From serving as a trained pilot, who commanded B-26 bombers, to learning some how-to-make-jewelry techniques, Avery serves as a source of inspiration to many people, especially living in Texas. This is what makes his jewelry line famous and promising all around.  

The desire to create some meaningful jewelry both for men and women with a long-lasting value led James to feature some timeless universal appeals in his jewels. People have been applauding James for his attention-to-detail craftsmanship and that’s what brought you and us here. 

This time we’ve included a complete James Avery necklace guide into our jewelry volumes, just to share with you guys some meticulously designed James Avery necklaces you’ll surely cherish forever. 

So, let’s get on with it!

James Avery History

Starting from scratch, born in 1921 James first came to Texas being a US Air Corp. He fell in love with the Texas Hill Country during his cadet assignment at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio. 

It was the inspiring surroundings of Texas that motivated James to serve as a World War II veteran and survived several missions over Germany. After going through this dark tunnel of history, he ignited a “ready-to-start-a-new-life” spirit in his personality and got admission to the University of Illinois, to learn the field of Industrial Design. 

At a certain stage, he also pursued the profession of teaching for making both ends meet. This is the point where the journey of jewelry-making starts from. While teaching the students at the University of Colorado, James explored some jewelry techniques with his students and crafted his first jewelry piece around 1951.

In 1954, events changed once again and brought James back to Christianity after remaining agnostic for long. Due to his renewed religious commitment, James decided not to teach anyone anymore and he moved to Kerrville, Texas to spend summer with his beloved in-laws. 

There was one thing that never changed in James’ life ever- that is the passion for making jewels. So, while staying at his in-laws, he now decided to step into the jewelry business and set up a small shop.  In a small garage shop with just a capital of $250, some hand tools, a guidebook, and with some copper and silver scarps, James entered into this line. You can probably imagine how this two-car garage James Avery store looked back then. Right?

His recent return to religion guided him to create some spiritually-inspired jewelry designs like crosses, chalices, angels, and fishes. After giving a touch of Christianity beliefs in his crafted pieces, James began selling his jewels in boutiques and Church gifting stalls and shops.  Slowly and gradually, word spread, and people started finding their way out to James Avery jewelry.

jewelry sales

As his jewelry sales began booming every year, James successfully incorporated his small business into a huge James Avery Craftsmanship, Inc. by 1965. And the success went on. 

James died on April 30, 2018, after a long and arduous life of 96 years. And now, the reigns of this promising jewelry brand are in the hands of Chris (James son) with the passion to carry the same commitment, set of values, attentive details, and high-quality jewelry just as his dad did.

Did the history of James touch you with a dynamic spirit? Comment your two cents.

Favorite James Avery Necklace picks

If you’re curious about “how much a James Avery necklace will cost you,” you’ve come to the right place.

James Avery necklaces have got quite affordable price tags as compared to other brands with names & fame. You’ll find necklace pieces of all ranges here, from $31 to $1,615.

Check out our James Avery favorite collectibles.

1. James Avery – Adela

Add this sterling silver necklace, decorated with five flamed cut sodalite gemstones, for $370 to your jewelry collection before it gets retired from Avery’s store.

It’s a well-deserved heirloom necklace piece to pass down through generations.

well-deserved heirloom necklace
James Avery – Adela

2. James Avery - Mesh Chain

Perfect to wear with other James Avery pendants, this 14k Gold chain will serve you as a bold statement to style on special occasions. This Mesh Chain is available both in 16” and 18” inches, depending on what length size you’d go for in $990.

3. James Avery – Petite Latin Cross

Priced at $370, this modest yet understated necklace has a finely made cross to express your faith and dedication, either in gold or sterling silver.

James Avery – Petite Latin Cross

4. James Avery – Infinite Love

If you love someone as uncountable as stars, then nothing can be the best gift than this lariat style necklace. You can now express your eternal love in all seasons by spending $1,115.

James Avery – Infinite Love

5. James Avery – Glory to Glory

Available for $665, this GtoG necklace is an archive that comes from the James Avery Classic collection. Featuring alternate sterling silver Greek crosses combined with links of 14K gold starbursts, this necklace is a timeless piece to go for in 2022.

Other James Avery top recommendations include;

6. JA forged beaded chain

JA forged beaded chain

7. JA Heart Drops

JA Heart Drops

8. JA Collet Neck Collar

JA Collet Neck Collar

9. JA forged beaded chain

So James Avery is worth the hunt.

Does James Avery also have name necklaces?

Of course! James allows you to preserve your name, a love message, or any special and memorable date on your necklace pieces, just to make it one-of-a-kind. By using hand or laser engraving, James Avery artists carefully add your message on the necklaces with different fonts and styles.  You can also shop James Avery Initials if you wanna drape a one-word necklace style..

Does James Avery also have name necklaces?
one-word necklace style

Does James Avery fix broken necklaces?

How much does it cost to fix a James Avery necklace depends on the damage that has done to your necklace piece. You can go to Avery’s closest local store to evaluate the damage and quote a price. Many retailers can re-attach unsoldered charms, repair clasps, and re-shape jewelry pieces. 

But if your damaged James Avery necklace needs more extensive repairs with extra attention, the team will then send it to Texas for fixing it with a bit extra charges. Rest assured here because the brand’s service will satisfy you in any way.  

Can you shower with your James Avery necklace?

If you want to treasure your James Avery jewelry as shiny forever as the time of purchasing it, then you’ve to limit its exposure to water, chemicals, lotions, perfumes, and other cosmetics. Chlorinated water and harsh chemicals can remove the polish or outside layer of your jewelry. So you’re not recommended to wear your James Avery jewelry while taking a bath or swimming in a pool.

Why your James Avery necklace turns black?

Your jewelry turns black, or we can say tarnish when it comes in contact with any body lotion, moisture, oils, cosmetics, sweat, perfumes, sprays, chlorinated water, and other chemical substances.

Tarnishing first dulls your jewelry shine and then slowly turns it into a black one. But how quick tarnishing occurs depends on your necklace jewelry metal type and your wearing-it routine. That is the reason why you should deal your James Avery necklaces with great care and polish it regularly, from time to time, to make tarnishing ineffective.

How can James Avery's jewelry be cleaned at home?

Most tarnishing and cleaning issues can be resolved by polishing your James Avery jewelry regularly. So, a lint-free polishing cloth, as provided by the brand itself, is recommended.

Otherwise, use a mild solution of lukewarm water and soap with a soft brush if your necklace needs a bit more attention than simple polishing. Chemical dips that are too severe should be avoided. We recommend you have gemstones and pearls professionally cleaned as they require special care.

Conclusion: James Avery Necklaces

In conclusion, James Avery necklaces are definitely worth buying for several compelling reasons. Firstly, their exceptional craftsmanship ensures high-quality pieces that are built to last. Each necklace is meticulously designed and handcrafted, often incorporating intricate details and unique features that make them stand out.

Additionally, James Avery’s extensive range of designs offers something for everyone, from classic and elegant to modern and trendy styles. Whether you’re looking for a meaningful symbol or a fashion statement, you’re sure to find a necklace that resonates with your personal style and preferences.

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