Why Tiffany Necklaces Are Worth To Buy?

best Tiffany Necklace

Why Tiffany Necklaces Are Worth To Buy?

Tiffany, of course, astounds the jewelry line with some of its best designs, particularly for engagement and wedding rings. But have you ever tried any jewel from its Necklace collection? If you haven’t then read on! We will help you gain insights into some of the best Tiffany Necklace pieces and the reason why they are worth your investment.

What makes Tiffany stand out?

Gained much popularity after the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” movie in 1878, this brand has been widely known for its classic solitaire diamond ring setting- an outstanding iconic piece. Nothing is more luxurious than opening a Tiffany blue box and taking out the high-class proposal ring. Genuinely!

But Tiffany is not just about Diamond Rings and its legendary setting. It’s the classiest and high-end jewelry brand that ensures exquisite craftsmanship in all crafted pieces (Not to mention Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Watches & Studs) to make them worth your investment.

Everything at Tiffany is timelessly iconic with detailing beauties. Its fine attentive jewelry details, excellent quality, and its high-class artistry are the reasons why the brand outshines all other jewelry lines.
This oldest jewelry brand’s relevancy even in today’s market demands makes it a standout on many occasions. It is undoubtedly one of the most respected trademarks around the world. So is getting the honor to design Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy and World Series Rings not enough to believe that fact? I guess it is!

As this jeweler boasts the best of jewelry pieces every time with luxuriant creativity, it is a smart choice to go for and invest in. You’ll never get disappointed with whatever it offers.

Why Tiffany is so expensive?

Don’t just hesitate buying Tiffany products because of its high price tags. With excelled quality and perfectly crafted jewels, you have to pay some extra for taxes, VAT, and other duties. And remember, you just don’t pay for Tiffany products. You’re also buying a prestigious brand name whose jewelry means to last a long time, forever maybe. We have unequivocally zero doubt in Tiffany’s elegant finesse.

Why Tiffany jewelry is worth buying?

Undoubtedly, Tiffany & Co. goes above and below to certify the gems and jewelry designs. All the processes to design and manufacture the products are used at the highest level possible to mark up the pieces significantly.
If it can’t benefit you for long, we don’t name it an investment, right? So, why the Tiffany jewelry is worth your investment? The answer is the brand’s durable jewelry, huge influence, exquisitely crafted settings as well as excellent finishes.

This brand offers you the finest jewelry pieces that stand the test of time, backed by a history of dedication. Even though they may seem expensive, they continue retaining their value over time. Well, if you find reading it unbelievable, then try Tiffany! You won’t regret what you invested in!

If you buy in person, it will be an unrivaled shopping experience. The reason is that the site has some limitations in some of its offers, and a consultation is always needed if you’re going to stack up stunning quality jewelry. A tip in case!

What is the cost of a Tiffany necklace?

With a starting range of $100, Tiffany offers you to explore a wide collection of Necklaces and Pendants, both classic and modern styles. Check out some of Tiffany’s fine necklace collections under $200 and $500 below. They’re splendid, being wallet-friendly extraordinary gifts.

Tiffany necklace under $200

A Classy Silver Chain

Tiffany necklace under $200

You can wear this dainty chain on its own or layer it with other preferences; the choice is yours. Everything is unexpectedly adjustable here.
Shop it now in just $100. It’s absolutely a must-have!

Tiffany necklace under $500

1. Yard Pendant

This Tiffany single diamond pendant is a staple accessory. Wear it up with a total of $375 to create “a light drop against your skin” look.

2. Twist Knot Pendant

A knot in center paired with a delicate sterling silver chain creates an oh-so-lavishing look. Try it in just $250 altogether. 

3. Music Note Pendant

Perfect to carry in daylights or at night outings, this music note pendant highlights your love to music. It is actually inspired by the New York graffiti and is available in $275 on Tiffany’s online store.

Most Popular Tiffany Necklaces- worth looking at!

This international icon of bold and innovative artistry has everything longstanding. But some of its Necklaces are symbols of sophistication, classic design, and unparalleled elegance. 

See our top recommendations from Tiffany’s Necklace and Pendant collection down below. You’ll love their vibe and distinctive designs. They are worth a look!

1. Tiffany - Knot Pendant

The entwined ends of this “Knot Pendant” balance the power of interpersonal connections and elegance beyond expectations. This Tiffany’s signature motif is an embodiment of perfection. Everything is precisely set by hands to maximize brilliance at all angles. And, the fine round pavé diamond setting on this Knot design is a complex feat of Tiffany’s craftsmanship. 

It’s the best tiffany necklace for gifting your wife to win her heart over again.

2. Tiffany rebellious Wrap Necklace

3. Snake Necklace

Tiffany HardWear Collection’s Revolutionary Wrap Necklace is defined by an 18k gold chain and bold links. Designed in layers, this necklace is meant to wear comfort effortlessly. A sure thing to make a dazzling statement by capturing the urban edge of New York City!

This Tiffany’s serpentine design carries modernity in a delicate 18k gold chain. Simple but elegant, this necklace has got a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic.  With no exception, it’s a wise investment to make for vibing the uniqueness! 

A perfect Tiffany necklace for your girlfriend!

4. Iconic Circle Tiffany Pendant

An ideal Tiffany necklace for your daughter, this Circle Pendant displays the house’s expertise in innovative and intricate designs. Introduced to highlight the dazzle of Tiffany’s diamonds, it’s a good bet to make a striking statement, captures the American brilliance superbly. 

How will you know if a Tiffany necklace is real?

We’ve included a few tips below to help identify real Tiffany necklace vs. fake

  1. Real Tiffany necklaces don’t have a line from where the links can get separated. All chains are soldered and have got perfectly rounded chain links. If you don’t find one, its fake.
fake tiffany necklace
Fake Tiffany Necklace
Real tiffany and co necklaces
Real Tiffany Necklace
real tiffany co necklaces
Real Tiffany Necklace
Real tiffany co
Real Tiffany Necklace

2. Ensure all alignments and spellings. If you see anything mis-spelled, crooked, or off-center, it’s fake.

How will you know if a Tiffany necklace is real
Real Tiffany Necklace
real vs face tiffany necklace
Fake Tiffany Necklace

3. Tiffany engraves capital “T” and “C” on its newer jewelry pieces. And for classic and vintage jewels, “TIFFANY & CO.” or just “TIFFANY 18K” marks are used.

fake vs real tiffany
Real Tiffany Necklace

4. Tiffany use perfectly centered stampings on all its products. If you see any stamp close to the edge, it’s a red flag.

Tiffany necklace fake
Fake Tiffany Necklace

5. If you’re buying a silver Tiffany piece, make sure “Sterling” or “925” is stamped on it. And, it should be properly aligned as well.

silver Tiffany piece real
Real Tiffany Necklace

6. Tiffany stamps aren’t faded at the bottom. If you find any stamp hard to read, its for sure fake.

fake tiffany necklace review
Fake Tiffany Necklace

7. Tiffany always uses the same space between “Please Return To”. If it says “PleaseReturnTo,” it’s a counterfeit.

How to clean Tiffany necklace?

Tiffany recommends its customers to professionally clean their jewels once in a year. You can enjoy some professional cleaning services at Tiffany’s store to retain the jewelry brilliance. However, if you wanna do it at home, then you should consider what metal and stone type you’ve preserved.

If it’s a sterling silver, use Tiffany’s silver cleaner on a soft cloth and rubs it on your necklace. After that, rinse it in warm water and make sure you dry it properly before storing it again.

For platinum and gold jewelry, avoid using bleach and prefer some non-abrasive cleaning solution.

To clean diamond necklace, use a solution made of Ammonia (one part) and Water (six parts) with a soft brush. And if it’s a pearl necklace, wipe it off using a slightly wet cloth.

Tiffany necklace reviews

This American legendary jewelry house exudes class, luxury, and elegance in all of its products. That’s why it takes the crown of being the most trusted & luxurious jewelry brand in the global market that offers precision, high-quality, and perfectly graded stones in all its “worth it” jewelry types. 

Here’s what people feel about Tiffany products and its customer service.

Tiffany necklace reviews
Tiffany necklace review
Tiffany necklace reviews
Tiffany necklace reviews 2

Wrapping Up

Tiffany & Co. has created a legacy that will always hold its value no matter how tough things are. It’s the best kinda investment that you won’t ever regret because jewelry is always worth more when a trusted brand name is tied to it. Therefore, you should first consider what jewelry type you want to get yourself into. Then go for it! 

Hope you may find it helpful. Thanks for reading 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you return a Tiffany necklace?

Tiffany accepts the return within 30 days if the item is still salable. But, you must have got a sales receipt. And remember, you can’t exchange or return personalized gifts and items.

  • Is it possible to sleep in a Tiffany necklace??

No, because the longer you wear it, the more it will get exposed to lotion, cosmetics, or even sweat. You may lose your necklace shine by avoiding this basic care. So you’re advised not to risk it.

  • Can you shower with wearing a Tiffany necklace?

Can you shower with wearing on a Tiffany necklace

Tiffany necklaces can get wet with might have little or no impact. But they aren’t waterproof. And if is the sterling silver, then it can get tarnished quickly. So, if you want your necklace to be as same in the next year as it is, you should deal it with care.

  • Do Tiffany necklaces have a warranty?

Tiffany has a lifetime warranty for its Diamond necklaces and other Diamond accessories. It’s a proof of why its being called a prestigious brand in the world market.

  • Do Tiffany necklaces rust?

Well yeah, the contact of impure water can make your Tiffany necklace rust. There can be some components present in water that can impact your metal shine.

  • Does Tiffany extend necklaces?

For sure! Tiffany offers to alter the necklace length just how you want it to suit your neckline. To resize your necklace, whether to shorten its length or extend its length, take the help of customer service by calling at 800 464 5000

  • How much does Tiffany charge to fix a necklace?

The price to repair your tiffany necklace depends on the material, product type, and gemstone. After assessing all these things, you’ll be given an estimate by Tiffany professionals. 

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