Engagement Ring Trends that Will Dominate 2023!

Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement Ring Trends that Will Dominate 2023!

In the last few months of the year, fashion journalists, jewellers, designers and jewelry enthusiasts alike all begin to predict what trends will soar in popularity and dominate the jewelry world. With the pandemic beginning to fade, arts and culture are once again blooming and it is this embrace of creativity that will influence engagement ring trends in 2023.

A diamond never goes out of style, and while classic designs will remain a popular choice for brides to be, there are some unique and inspiring settings that will take centre stage in the coming year.

Engagement Ring Trends that Will Dominate 2023

Here are our predictions for some of the best!

1. Double Band Engagement Rings

Creating extra presence on the hand, an open metal, double band engagement ring is a contemporary and creative choice for 2023 fiancés! A double band is an incredibly striking style that is perfect for the bride who wants to stand out from the crowd.

2. Eternity Bands as Engagement Rings

Sparkling, simple and practical. An eternity band is traditionally given to mark the birth of a first child or a significant milestone in a marriage. However, due to their balance of wearability and beauty, 2023 will see many brides forgo the traditional ‘centre stone’ arrangement, in favour of an endless row of sparkling diamonds. Perfect for hands on brides who hold function and aesthetic in equal regard.

3. Royal Blue

With the royal family thrust further into the spotlight due to the Queen’s passing and Harry and Meghan’s move to Canada, a focus on the crown jewels and famous pieces of royal jewelry will likely influence engagement ring trends. Deep blue sapphires and rich, opulent rubies will take centre stage along with vintage style settings.

4. Minimalism

The clean, simple elegance of minimalism isn’t going anywhere in 2023. Petite bands, bezel settings and single stone engagement rings will all play starring roles in the minimalist movement, along with flat edge bands and icy white, high-quality diamonds. The collections of engagement rings Washington DC here are a great example of how a top tier diamond can elevate a minimalist ring to something truly remarkable.

5. Pear Cut Diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds have ebbed and flowed in popularity over the decades but as jewelry-making technique has evolved, the settings for pear cut engagement rings are now much better at showcasing this uniquely shaped diamond. Choose from ornate and intricate settings, or opt for a style that lets the diamond do the talking.

6. Personalized Jewelry  

Engravings of initials or special dates, heirloom gemstones set into a modern ring, diamonds to represents children; there are so many ways an engagement ring can be personalized to make it one of a kind. With so many jewellers now offering bespoke services, 2023 will see more and more couples creating sentimental jewelry that truly represents their relationship.

7. Bigger Diamonds!

And finally, while the world is still righting itself after a tough couple of years, experts predict that the average diamond size for an engagement ring will begin to gradually increase over the next few years, with 2023 seeing the start of the upturn. Anything from 2.00ct diamond up it set to become the most sought after!

Whatever your style, let your engagement ring become an extension of your romance and love. The right ring will express your own personal style and stand the test of time!

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