Why David Yurman Necklaces Are Worth To Buy?

Why David Yurman necklaces are worth buying?

Why David Yurman Necklaces Are Worth To Buy?

David Yurman is now known as a fashion icon with a prominent celeb clientele. Crafting some All-Season jewels since the 1970s, this brand sees jewelry as a wearable accessory rather than some occasional fashion statements.

Yurman rejects the notion that “Fine jewelry is all about the expensive accessories to wear in special events”. So do we, agreed? The reasons that make David Yurman’s jewelry unique include its mixed-metal technique, revolutionary gemstone designs, and diamonds-in-silver. His reasonably-priced decorated jewels have admiringly transformed the fashion industry by continuing to outlast jewelry trends. 

So, here’s a guide to why Yurman is everyone’s desire. This guide will let you know how perfectly David Yurman’s necklaces are familiar to both men and women and add meaning to their styles, equally. You’ll also discover some of the best David Yurman necklace designs along the road, as well as why they are worth it. So without having to hold off any further, let’s just get into it. 

David Yurman Necklace
Yurman Necklace
David Yurman

Why David Yurman necklaces are worth buying?

Outstandingly designed with an artistic approach, Yurman’s designs have caused a stir in the industry with its distinctive stone cuts. He has earned a reputation for awfully fusing old techniques with new ones in its necklace designs, and for using some uncommon ingredients like black titanium, dyed sea bamboo, resin, and carbon fiber.

It’s his ability to create timeless pieces with an innovative modern touch that makes it outshine others. Perhaps, now you got why David Yurman’s necklace jewelry is really worth it.

Best David Yurman necklaces

David Yurman necklaces are extremely modern with a timeless quality. Having exquisite details, unique geometric shapes, and meticulous artistic lines, these necklace pieces are easily manageable to carry with whatever you decide to wear, be it a casual outfit or a formal one.

Let’s explore some of DY’s one-of-a-kind artistic necklace designs that will take you in a sleek world even in 2023.

Note: Some of the most popular David Yurman necklaces are included in these suggested picks. They are the most sought-after necklace pieces both for men and women. Check them out.

Men’s Best David Yurman necklaces

Quite often now, men prefer to wear simple gold, silver, or platinum chains with their casual wear. It has become the most popular men’s style today. For that reason, David Yurman comes up with more versatile chain patterns for men to wear. Take a look at David Yurman’s assortment of men’s necklaces. It’s damn breathtaking!

1. DY - Box Chain Necklace

The Box Chain necklace collection by David Yurman is the brand’s best-selling jewelry. Starting from $225 and ending with $12,900, this collection has got some versatile chain options ideal for all pockets’ affordability.

DY - Box Chain Necklace

This 18k yellow Gold necklace featured with a 2.7 mm box chain and a lobster clasp is a stunning piece to wear solo or layer it up with other chain necklaces. Incredibly iconic in any way!

2. DY David Amulet Star

DY David Amulet Star

Crafted in sterling silver, DY’s star amulet is an expression of religious touch, given in an ancient star charm, to link your every-day-wear with spirituality. You can shop it now for just $350.

3. DY Cushion Pendant

DY Cushion Pendant

With pavéd Black diamonds set in a sterling silver pendant, it’s a blend of modern and classic artistry in a single motif. Perfect to wear on all occasions, you can avail this cushion pendant for a total of $895.

4. DY Station Box Chain

DY Cushion Pendant

Featuring a push clasp, this 18k Yellow gold station box chain is a great buy to go for. It offers you a polished shine with a long-lasting impression for $12,900. Damn sure seems pretty expensive but a smart investment with guaranteed durability.   

You can also avail it in sterling silver with pavéd black diamonds, ranging from $750-$1,900. Shop here!

pavéd black diamonds

5. DY Box Chain with Pietersite Tag

Yurman’s men collections

Due to its unique color composition and rare symbolic design, it’s my personal favorite to gift the special one. It’s hard to find DY’s such understated modern charm in just $690.

Explore all Yurman’s men collections here.

Best David Yurman necklaces for women

Best David Yurman necklaces

David David Yurman women’s necklace collection is quite diversified with some loud statement pieces, just as its men’s one. From the minimalist charms to sculptural chain necklaces and to elegantly bold artistic jewels, Yurman included some of the most coveted necklaces for women to drape around their necks.  

Whether you like to wear simple chains or high-end sparkling accessories, everything is available for you here at David Yurman.

But here we included some average-priced DY necklaces for you to opt from. They are worth trying!

1. DY Madison Necklace

Available in 18k Yellow Gold, sterling silver, and both metals bond, this Madison necklace strikes with a single gold link in the center. A perfect accessory that you can wear casually in $1,200!

2. DY Bijoux Box Chain

DY Bijoux Box Chain

Combining pearls and chains together in a single necklace piece, Bijoux is an embodiment of delicateness and elegance, just how it is named. You can effortlessly layer up these necklace strands for $725 for creating a lustrous look.

3. DY Helena Y necklace

DY’s Helena Y necklace

With 0.26 carats of diamonds, this DY’s Helena Y necklace offers a sleek touch of uniqueness with its long, lean twist wrapped with yellow gold threads.

 It’s a great addition if you wanna play with some movements, priced at $1850.

4. DY Starbust Pendant

DY Starbust Pendant

This necklace reflects David Yurman’s interest in geometry and sculpture in many ways while remaining true to his modern, artistic vision. It is Yurman’s other bestseller that will transcend all trends with its artistic features, available in $1,950.

5. DY Stud Pendant

DY Stud Pendant
DY Stud Pendant

Coming from Pave Collection, this DY’s stud pendant is available in 4 different colors to sparkle your look anyway. With an 18k White gold chain, you can buy these striking Sapphires-set accessories priced at $1,450 only.

Explore all Yurman’s women collections here.

David Yurman necklaces under $300

If you’re low on your budget but still dream of the idea of wearing a David Yurman necklace, then this brand has got you covered, reasonably too.

Here are some durable sterling silver, gold, and stainless steel chain necklaces that you can stack up in your collection under just $300. Despite being tagged with cheap pricing options, they still have the same high-quality contemporary appeal to inspire your look.

 Take a look at them. They’ll surely leave you awestruck and darling!

1. DY 14k Gold Box Chains.

  • 1.7 mm wide Baby Box chain (Price: $165). Shop here
  • 2.7 mm wide Small Box Chain (Price: $230). Shop here
  • 3.6 mm wide Medium Box Chain (Price: $300). Shop here.
DY 14k Gold Box Chains.

2. DY (Darkened) Silver Box Chain

  • 2.7 mm wide 
  • Small chain boxes
  • Priced at $260. Buy here.  
DY (Darkened) Silver Box Chain

3. DY Simple Chain Necklace

  • 1.7 mm wide
  • 36” length with easy adjustable clasp
  • Price: $295. Shop here. 
DY Simple Chain Necklace

4. DY Chain (Stainless Steel)

  • 2.7 mm wide
  • Black-colored small chain boxes
  • Price: $225. Shop here.
DY Chain (Stainless Steel)

5. DY (Circle) Amulet

  • 1.8 mm wide in sterling silver
  • Price: $175. Shop here.
DY (Circle) Amulet

6. DY Box Chain

  • Burgundy in color 
  • 2.7 mm wide
  • Stainless steel with silver
  • Price: $245. Shop here
DY Box Chain

David Yurman necklace reviews

If you are quite unsure about should I consider David Yurman necklace my go-to or not, so before testing it out check the customer reviews. Their experiences will give you enough confidence to make an informed decision. 

idea of wearing a David Yurman necklace
customer reviews

Where can you sell David Yurman’s jewelry?

When you finally decide to sell out your David Yurman jewelry, then it’s better to consider following things first.

  1. What product are you going to sell out?
  2. What’s its market value?
  3. Either the product is worth selling or not?

Well, it’s a bit tricky to evaluate a selling price for your product. To get an idea of the market price, you can explore different online websites that are selling the same product, but from varied platforms.

The easiest method to obtain the most money for your David Yurman jewelry is to remove as many barriers as possible between you and the buyer. You’re recommended to meet the buyers in person and get paid for your David Yurman jewelry product.

But as online platforms are concerned, we suggest you go for Diamond Banc and Worthy.com to sell your David Yurman jewelry. Diamond Banc is a platform that pays for your jewelry after analyzing its quality and design. Whereas, Worthy.com connects you with other common people to contact and do a deal.

How do I clean my David Yurman necklace??

Usually, the brand gives you a polishing cloth to rub off the dust and surface tarnish with your necklace jewelry. But still, looking for home remedies to clean David Yurman’s jewelry? Then, all you’ll need is a soft toothbrush for a gentle brushing, a mild soap, some warm water, and a soft clothing piece to dry your David Yurman necklace thoroughly. 


Can you shower with a David Yurman necklace?

David Yurman suggests you take precautions & not to wear your jewelry while taking a bath, in pools, and extreme humidity if you want to keep it lustrous and new for long. And so do we.

Can you shower with a David Yurman necklace?

Can you shorten the length of the David Yurman necklace?

Depending on the necklace design, David Yurman allows you to shorten your necklace length or extend it however you want it to style. You’re suggested to contact DY’s customer care service to give you guidelines about necklace resizing if you’re really concerned about it. 

Can you shorten the length of the David Yurman necklace?


In conclusion, David Yurman’s necklaces are undoubtedly worth buying for several compelling reasons. Firstly, their reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail ensures that each piece is of the highest quality. David Yurman is renowned for using premium materials, such as sterling silver and 18K gold, along with exquisite gemstones, resulting in stunning and durable necklaces that stand the test of time.

Secondly, David Yurman’s designs are truly timeless and versatile, making them suitable for various occasions and personal styles. Whether you prefer a classic, understated look or a bold, statement piece, their collection offers a wide range of styles and motifs to cater to diverse tastes.

Additionally, David Yurman’s necklaces possess an inherent elegance and sophistication that adds a touch of luxury to any ensemble. The brand’s signature cable motif, inspired by nautical elements, adds a unique and recognizable touch to their designs, setting them apart from other jewelry brands.

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