10 Affordable Men’s Pendants

10 Affordable Men’s Pendants

Pendants are becoming popular in men’s fashion and is set to rise further in 2023. Jewellery allows you to express yourself whilst also adding a unique accessory to your outfit.

Below we have listed 10 affordable men’s pendants that can be paired with any outfit.

1) Gold North Star Pendant

Gold North Star Pendant

The North Star has a mysterious background symbolising passion and knowing your destiny. This pendant is 18K gold plated and comes with a 3mm width chain, perfect size for your new staple piece.

2) Silver North Star Pendant

Silver North Star Pendant

If gold isn’t your style, this silver north star pendant is the perfect way to add a finish touch to your outfit. Made with 316L stainless steel, this pendant is perfect for all weather types and activities being sweat and water resistant.

3) Sword Pendant

Sword Pendant

This Sword Pendant is an edgy, unique piece to add to your collection. Created with 18K gold plating, this pendant is hypoallergenic letting you wear this pendant no matter what you are doing.

4) St Christopher Pendant

St Christopher Pendant

The St Christopher has revolutionised from a catholic medal to representing adventure and providing protection when wanting to step out of your comfort zone. This is the perfect accessory that can be layered with a Connell chain or just worn by itself.

5) Medusa Pendant

Medusa Pendant

This Medusa Pendant is a unique piece, helping you stand out from the crowd for an affordable price. The pendant comes with a 3mm chain that is the perfect length sitting at the right height to compliment your outfit. 

6) Trident Pendant

Trident Pendant

Tridents symbolise the sea god Neptune from Roman methodology, symbolising patience, and wisdom. Wear this with almost every outfit and let your confidence shine through.

7) Gold Compass Pendant

Gold Compass Pendant

Compasses symbolise safety, perfect for a brave individual who knows the direction they are heading. Pair this pendant with your favourite outfit and we guarantee you will feel and look 10 times more confident.

8) Silver Compass Pendant

Silver Compass Pendant

The compass pendant and its simple yet effective design are available in 316L stainless steel, perfect for the silver jewellery lovers. Helping you to stand out in the crowd for an affordable price.

9) Crucifix Pendant

Crucifix Pendant

This crucifix pendant has a unique design to help you stand out in the crowd. With its attention to detail and high-quality, this pendant is the perfect staple for everyday wear.

10) Lion Head Pendant

Lion Head Pendant

Wearing a lion head pendant is the perfect opportunity to highlight your bravery and ability to tackle everyday head on. Got a holiday coming up? This pendant is created and designed to be water and sweat resistant meaning you have no worries of green skin whether you are in the pool or on a night out.

Thru The Night provides a range of different pendants to help you find your perfect accessory for those unforgettable nights. Express your style and view their collection today.

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