Why Van Cleef Necklaces Are Worth Buying?

Van Cleef necklaces

Why Van Cleef Necklaces Are Worth Buying?

Van Cleef & Arpels, like always, has delighted jewelry lovers with its whimsical collections and feminine crafts, for years. Being the most influential Maison today, this jewelry line is synonymous with luxury and excellence in its fanciful creations.

Even in this competitive market, Van Cleef Necklaces succeeds every time in winning the hearts and pocketbooks of its customer base. But here at Van Cleef, the only con is you’ll find its jewels desirably luxurious but expensive as well. If you’ve ever glimpsed at its jewelry wears, you’d definitely know that they come at jaw-dropping pricing tags. That’s why you must be sure whether what you’re going to buy is worth it.

So now, stop wondering, and let’s take a deep dive into Van Cleef & Arpels Necklaces- just to find out why Van Cleef jewelry is worth it. Here we go!

What Van Cleef & Arpels is?

Let’s start the “worth-it” journey with a brief brand introduction.

Van Cleef & Arpels is a French jewelry house with the tag of being “the most coveted luxurious brand” for producing high-end jewelry, watches, and fragrances. As a result, it has an impressive reputation in France and among the world’s royalties and celebrities, who have become infatuated with its outstanding jewelry stock.

Why is Van Cleef Necklace worth buying?

All necklace pieces of Van Cleef’s collection are a symbol of class and timeless beauty. The meticulously crafted places are all-time-ready to dazzle with their awestruck designs and precious stone setting. You can drape your neck with these ultra-luxury accessories however you want them to suit your moment.

If you wanna wear some striking statement beauties, then don’t settle for any less. Try Van Cleef. It’s worth it!

Popular Van Cleef Necklaces

The Alhambra collection is where Van Cleef’s most popular necklaces are found in. This iconic Alhambra model of four-leaf clover was first crafted in 1968. Since then, it’s been considered as Maison’s signature style and has remained popular to the present day. This most celebrated jewelry comprises Golden scalloped edged- clovers with a gemstone or textured Gold at the center.

Each Alhambra Necklace is regarded as a symbol of love, good health, and fortune. These bestselling Van Cleef’s necklace creations are distinguished by their unique elegance. But we adorn them most for their cloverleaf style bordered with Golden beads. Classically slaying knacks!

Popular Van Cleef necklaces

You may also check out its Thematic Collections to inspire people around you with your jewelry themes like nature, love stories, or even poetry-instilled necklace pieces.

Why Van Cleef Necklace is worth buying
Emeraude en majesté- Thematic collection

And if you’re a lover of poetic astronomy, Van Cleef is all ears for your needs. With a rich heritage of excellence and expert zodiac designs, it helps you style an astronomical charm.

Van Cleef Necklaces
Virginis (Virgo)- Zodiaque long Necklace

Van Cleef & Arpels’ History

Van Cleef & Arpels is actually a love union of Alfred Van Cleef & Estelle Arpels- a bejeweled destiny. When the son of a stone cutter and daughter of a stone dealer shared their passion, enthusiasm, and innovation of precious stones, this iconic brand was born. And in 1906, the first Van Cleef store was inaugurated at 22 Place Vendôme. After then, Renée Puissant (daughter of Cleef-Arpel) became the brand’s Artistic Director in 1926 and forged a distinctive style for the jewelry line.

Van Cleef’s boutique at Paris Place Vendome attracted many aristocrats and royalties with its playful designs. The brand’s exquisite craftsmanship spread quickly, resulting in the opening of boutiques worldwide; after that, the rest is history.

Van Cleef & Arpels is now counted as one of the favorites of countless influencers, royal members, style icons, and celebs. Out of which, Elizabeth Taylor, Mariah Carey, Julia Roberts, Kate Middleton, and Greta Garbo are the most prominent ones in an extended list of its fans. “Patented Supplier of the Principality of Monaco” is another name for this brand, a trusted France-based jeweler and a smart investment to go for. Sure thing!

Van Cleef Necklace- Real vs Fake

The popularity of this Maison has compelled many counterfeits to copy its designs. So, you must stay alert and identify red flags when you sense it’s fake.

Here we included a helpful guide for “how to recognize a fake Van Cleef necklace”.

1. The distinctive mark “Van Cleef & Arpels” or “VCA” is stamped on every piece of Van Cleef jewelry. The placement of this stamp is different for rings, earrings, necklaces, clips, and all other creations. If you read just “Van Cleef” stamped on any piece, avoid buying it.

Van Cleef Necklace- Real vs Fake

2. Van Cleef uses only 18k genuine gold. Therefore, you’ll see the hallmark “750”, marked on every craft showing that the metal is 75% pure.

3. A serial number can be found near the signature stamp or hallmark on every Van Cleef. You better check it out for cross-reference in case of any doubts.

4. Last but not least, Van Cleef’s fans know that every piece comes with a steep price tag. If you find it a comparatively bit inexpensive, don’t be fooled. 

Why is Van Cleef Necklaces so expensive?

You’ll not find Van Cleef’s jewelry any lesser in price than Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Harry Winston, and Graff. One, out of a bunch of reasons, is its jewelry resale! That is even higher than the other branded jewelry lines. Moreover, the masterful craftsmanship, outstanding gemstone settings, and prestigious charms of this celebrity favourite go-to are worth stacking- classically iconic. That’s why, no matter how much Van Cleef will cost them, people who prefer to treat themselves as luxurious bejeweled fashionistas would fall head over heels in love with its incredibly detailed jewelry.

Van Cleef Reviews

Still wondering, is Van Cleef worth it or not? Then keep reading on because it’s “Definitely Yes” from our side. From impeccable craftsmanship to locking mechanisms and delicate detailing beauties, every jewelry design is chic- enough to make you obsessed with it.

Van Cleef Necklace Review
Van Cleef Necklace Reviews


Yes, you can wear the Van Cleef Necklace at whatever length you like, the shorter or extended one. By the way, this Maison allows free lengthening of your necklace by two inches. All you have to do is ask them for it at the time of purchase.

As each Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace is considered remarkable for its delicate reflection and lustrous shine, you better avoid taking a shower by wearing it. A small scratch can alter its brilliance. Otherwise, how roughly you want to carry it is up to you.

If you want to preserve your necklace’s beauty over time, clean it with a dry, soft piece of cloth except for diamond jewelry. Due to having unique characteristics, diamond necklaces should be washed off using a soft brush, a drop of liquid soap, and some warm water.

Van Cleef jewelry can be purchased from the brand’s official website, from other merchants or in person. But beware of fakes. We’ve already included some tips on how to tell if a Van Cleef Necklace is genuine. So please read it carefully before going to purchase it.

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