Why Kay Necklaces Are Worth To Buy?

Why Kay Necklaces Are Worth To Buy

Why Kay Necklaces Are Worth To Buy?

Kay necklace has got a diversified variety to enhance your any-occasion-look. Each necklace piece at Kay is made to give bold and striking statements.

Owned and parented by Signet Jewelers, Kay jewelers is one of the leading jewelry stores of America that has got more than 1000 stores nationwide. Seemingly located in every American shopping mall, Kay Jewelers has been a mainstay of American retail for decades and shows no signs to be gone anywhere. This jewelry store has remained a part of countless shopping experiences, providing people with trendy charms and classic must-haves.

Kay Jewelers’ recent shift to online also played a huge role in its renowned success. And you know what Kay Jewelers’ finest feature is?? It’s a perfect luxury brand even for middle-class shoppers who happily afford to buy some low-cost diamond jewelry pieces.

From their controversies to the question who owns Kay jewelers, there’s a lot more to get to know about Kay beyond what your eyes see. Found it fascinating? So, let’s find out why Kay Jewelers is a good investment and which Kay necklaces are worth buying.

Are Kay jewelers real jewelry?

Why Kay Necklaces Are Worth To Buy

For having some affordable and durable jewelry pieces in your collection, Kay jewelers are worth your trust. You should consider this brand because there’s nothing fake about its jewelry.

Kay jewelers sell real gold and diamond jewelry pieces to style with. The diamonds are sourced from different reliable suppliers like the RJC group and are certified from GIA or AGS.

Now, what does it mean? Kay jewelers’ necklaces, rings, and all other accessories are real, précised, and certified. You’ll be happy after making a purchase at Kay. Rest assured.

Are Kay jewelers pricey?

Are Kay jewelers real jewelry

Not at all. You’ll find the day-to-day promotions and sales at Kay accessories. This brand offers its necklaces and other jewelry prices at very appealing and reasonable prices that seem quite affordable even to middle-class shopping visits. Kay tags are un-intimidating and inexpensive because this brand knows how to serve people having ordinary income and strives for it. Here, everything is within your grasp. Absolutely!

Kay necklaces that are worth to buy

Let’s check out some of Kay’s affordable necklaces that you can easily carry to show off your vibe.

Kay Necklaces under $100

1. Kay Infinity

This combination of Black and White diamonds, peeking out from infinity curves, will ring a total of $95 to give you an intense look. You can shop it from Kay’s online store only.

Kay Infinity - Kay Necklaces under $100

2. Kay “Blue Topaz & Sapphire Necklace”

Kay “Blue Topaz & Sapphire Necklace-Kay Necklaces under $100

Hanging with an 18-inch classic sterling silver chain, this oval-cut Blue Topaz shines outstandingly in the middle of two round Sapphires frames.  You can add this chic necklace to your jewelry arsenal for only $80.

Kay Necklaces under $200

1. Kay “Center of Me”

The swirling pattern of this sterling silver diamond necklace says “despite the twists and turns of life, the thing that keeps us focused is love”. This necklace retails for $199.99

Kay “Center of Me”-Kay Necklaces under $200

2. Kay “Garnet Heart Necklace”

Kay “Garnet Heart Necklace”-Kay Necklaces under $200

Suspended in an 18-inch delicate sterling silver chain, this heart necklace is all-ready to keep your girl’s heart warm with its Garnet glow, even when you’re experiencing some coldness in love life.  It will cost you a total of $129.99 to gift her this love symbol. But remember, it’s available at the online store only.

Kay Necklaces under $300

1. Kay Yellow Gold Rope Necklace

Kay Yellow Gold Rope Necklace-Kay Necklaces under $300

If you’re a chain lover then this Kay’s Rope is a classic must-have for you. 

You can drape your neck with this 24-inch chain in any way, either if you prefer wearing it long alone or layer it up with other chains. Shop this chain now in $269 online only.

Do Kay jewelers customize their necklaces?

Kay Jewelers custom necklace
How to clean Kay necklaces

Kay allows you to design personalized necklaces and other jewelry as you want to express your love & vibe. You can create here as unique customized jewelry as you are, by combining your favorite metals, chain length, gemstones, or even birthstones as well. Add your meaning to your wearable Kay accessories and enjoy the uniqueness you created by yourself.  

And if you’re wondering do Kay jewelers make name necklaces too? Absolutely yes! You can personalize necklaces at Kay by giving them an on-trend nameplate and style. Apart from using sterling silver, white, yellow, or rose gold, even if you wanna add some diamonds on, Kay allows you to go for it. Nothing can add more flair than a personalized diamond shine. These engraved necklaces are the best gifts for your friends or partners. 

Do Kay jewelers customize their necklaces
Do Kay jewelers customize necklaces

Difference between Kay Jewelers and Kay outlet

Kay jewelers have got many Kay jewelers outlets all over America. But we’d advise you to buy Kay jewelry always in person so that you can have an exceptional shopping experience with Kay.

However, if you want to purchase something from Kay online, visit Kay.com and KayOutlet.com only. You may find some fraudulent Kay websites due to the brand’s leading success on the internet. Beware of fakes before going to buy anything online and always double-check the site link, jewelry details, and blue checkmark.

How to clean Kay necklaces?

For cleaning Kay diamond jewelry, you should go for “Kay Fine Jewelry Cleaner” before trying any homemade remedy on your precious diamonds. However as recommended by Kay, you can also make a mixture of dishwashing soap and warm water to wash the dirt off.   Soak your diamond necklace for about 20-40 minutes in the mixture and use a soft toothbrush for maintaining its shine thoroughly. 

You can also clean your Kay gemstone jewelry in the same way. However, for cleaning silver sterling jewelry, you better should use a polishing cloth or visit any Kay store for its maintenance.

Can you wear Kay jewelers’ necklaces in the shower?

Kay always recommends wearing off your jewelry before taking bath, washing dishes, or even before going to bed. Wearing your necklaces and other jewelry in a spa, pool, or under shower affects your jewelry sparkle and makes shorten its life. If you want to keep it long, you should protect it from every possible harm and damage.

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  • Is it true that Kay jewelers clean necklaces for free?

The best way to maintain the beauty of your jewelry is to keep it clean. That’s why KAY provides you free in-store jewelry cleaning service. It doesn’t matter if you purchase the jewelry from your nearest Kay or not, you can still enjoy the free & professional Kay jewelry cleaning services at its all stores. 

Is it true that Kay jewelers clean necklaces for free

  • Do Kay jewelers repair jewelry?

Kay is a full-service jewelry brand that loves to look after your valuables by offering skilled repair and free cleaning for life. For fixing your necklaces and repairing your jewelry, Kay jewelers have got experts to carry out a thorough inspection. The cost of repairing your Kay necklace is determined after analyzing which repairs are covered by your necklace’s warranty or service plan. Then your necklace jewelry will be sent to Kay’s professional craftsmen, who will meticulously restore its beauty. At the end, when your necklace piece is ready to pick up from your local shop, you’ll get an email.

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