Types Of Diamond Rings

Types Of Diamond Rings

Types Of Diamond Rings

Have you ever wondered why the majority of people choose diamonds as an engagement ring stone?

Diamonds represent never-ending love and a strong commitment in a relationship, they are the hardest rocks in the world! When people wear a diamond ring in their engagement, they feel they’re made for each other. The growing demand for diamonds has led to the manufacture of a variety of diamond rings and other jewelry items.

Hence, before buying a perfect diamond ring, make sure you have enough knowledge regarding them to avoid any confusion later on. Let’s dive into the world of Diamond rings to know the different types of Diamond ring styles, cuts, and settings. Make sure you choose a glamorous diamond ring that will look pretty in your hands!

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Types Of Diamond Engagement Rings According To The Number Of Stones

1. Solitaire Diamond Rings

Solitaire Diamond Rings

Solitaire Diamond Rings are the perfect choice for diamond engagement rings as it consists of a single stone in the center. A big diamond in the Center gives a very decent and elegant look that never gets out of fashion. In addition to it, the solitaire ring diamond is studded with a prong or claw setting. The single stone in the center shines when you go out in the sunlight and adds beauty to your hands. If you’re looking for engagement ring designs, this style can impress you.

2. Pave Diamond Rings

Pave Diamond Rings

Pave Diamond Rings consist of a lot of diamonds clustered together with mostly prong settings. These prongs are mostly in the shape of metal droplets and the diamonds in this style are so closely embedded that they mostly hide the metal. You can see very less metal in this design. The Pave style diamond rings mostly have a thick band.

3. Diamond Rings with side stones

Diamond Rings with side stones

Diamond Rings with side stones give a fancy look so they are also considered the best engagement rings. These rings have diamonds on the sides and most of the side stone rings have one big diamond in the middle to make it visible. The most common ring of this type is the three-stone diamond ring. The three-stone diamond ring represents the past, present, and future of a couple. The middle diamond is bigger and represents the present.

Types Of Settings Of The Diamonds

It is a fact that Diamond rings are quite expensive and so it’s really important to have a look at the settings that hold the diamonds. A good set of a diamond ensures that the diamond won’t fall out from the ring and stay in its place.

1. Round cut diamond

Round cut diamond

The Round cut diamond, also called the round brilliant cut, is the most expensive diamond cut. These round-cut diamond rings are the most popular diamond cuts because they give a classy look to your ring. Having 58 facets, these round-cut diamonds shine brightly in the light. Majority of the people prefer wearing round-cut diamond rings as this fashion never gets old. The only disadvantage of round-cut diamonds is that they have mostly high prices as compared to other cuts.

2. Oval-Cut Of A Diamond

Oval-Cut Of A Diamond

Then comes the oval cuts of the engagement diamond rings, the oval cut makes a diamond look bigger because of its shape. Some of the famous oval cuts include the marquise cut, pear cut, and heart cut.

Oval-Cut Of A Diamond marquise

The marquise cut is oval but it has two edges and the pear cut has one edge. Both these cuts are low in price as compared to round cuts due to less demand.

The heart-cut diamond is surely the best choice for engagement rings, pendants, and bracelets. If you’re looking for the best diamond cut for an engagement ring, the heart cut shape will represent a future life full of love and romance. However, a heart-cut diamond can be more costly than other cuts but it’s more affordable than a round-cut diamond.

heart-cut diamond

3. Rectangular cut diamond

Rectangular cut diamond

Rectangular cut diamonds also add beauty to your diamond rings. These cuts include the princess cut, emerald cut, Asscher cut, radiant cut, and cushion cut.

The Emerald cut is the cheapest one. 

Princess cuts are surely beautiful as they have a square shape but they have a downside too. Since they have pointed corners, there is a possibility that they can get damaged and snag on your clothes. Secondly, the diamond cutters lose more particles in the waste than in a rectangular cut so they are more expensive than other rectangular cuts but cheaper than round-cut diamonds.

The cushion-cut Diamond has a rectangular shape but the corners are rounded. Just as the name resembles, they are much like cushions.

4. Triangular Cut Diamond

Triangular Cut Diamond

It is also called trillion cut and has three equal sides that can either be curved or uncurved. This type of diamond cut makes the stone look larger and needs to be cleaned often.

What Coloured Diamonds Are The Most Expensive?

Red-colored diamonds are the most expensive and rarest diamonds found in diamond rings. The red color of the diamond can vary from orange-red to darker red. These red diamonds are mostly mined from the Argyle Diamond mine in Australia. However, some of them are also in Brazil and Africa. 

There are 12 colors of diamonds including white and black and from these shades, yellow is the second rarest shade. It’s found that only 30 red diamonds were mined out of which the biggest red diamond is 5.11 carats. Most of the red diamonds mined are half a carat.

How much Do Diamond Engagement rings cost?

Well, before deciding upon the price of the diamond, we should consider the 4 Cs of it and then the other factors. The first one is the color of the diamond, the second is the diamond cut. Round Diamond cut is the most expensive one. The third is the clarity of the diamond and the fourth is the carat. The other factors include the metal used to make the ring, the type of setting for the diamonds, and then if you add more stones, more price.

A one-carat diamond ring cost can range from $1200 to $17000.

How Do You Know If The Diamond Is Real?

How Do You Know If The Diamond Is Real

There are different tests to identify whether the diamond is real or fake.

If you have a loose diamond, you can do a water test or a heat test. If you have a diamond ring, you can do the fog test or a magnifying glass test.

In the water test, drop your diamond in a ¾ filled water cup and check if it sinks. A real diamond will sink because of its high density, if your diamond floats, it’s probably a fake one.

In the heat test, hold your diamond with a plier and heat it with a lighter for forty to fifty seconds, and then drop it in the cold water. Diamonds are the hardest stones and they won’t get affected easily by the heat. Fake diamonds can break due to a high change in temperature.

In the fog test, hold the ring and breathe in a way that fogs the stone. In a fake diamond, the stone will stay fogged for a few seconds. A real diamond will remove the fog immediately or even won’t fog up.

In the magnifying glass test, check the diamond in a magnifying glass. If the diamond is perfect with no imperfections and inclusions, then it’s a fake one. A real diamond cannot be perfect because it’s mined and it can have some inclusions.

FAQs On Diamond Rings

The bezel Setting is the safest because it surrounds the diamond, unlike the prong setting that has 4 or 6 metal rails to hold the diamond. The prongs can loosen and the diamond may fall whereas, in the bezel Setting, the diamond is underneath the metal surrounding.

You can wash your hands with a gentle soap wearing a ring but washing the dishes with the ring on, is unfair. The toxic chemicals of the dish soap can decolorize the metal and take its shine away.

Mix a glass of water with soap and then soak your diamond ring in that mixture. Leave it for half an hour and take it out later.

A 1.5-carat diamond should be held by six prongs in the diamond ring If the diamond is attached by four prongs, and one of them breaks or loosens, the diamond may fall from the center. However, with the six prongs, if one prong breaks, the other five ones will prevent the diamond from falling. So as per security, it is important to add six prongs to your diamond.

On the other hand, six prongs can cover your diamond and make the diamond look smaller.  Four prongs on the diamond give it a big squarish look and allow more light upon the diamond whereas six prongs give a circle-shaped look. 

The average ring size of a woman is 6 (16.5)

Simulated diamonds are fake diamonds as they are manufactured to look like diamonds but they have a different composition. They can be cubic zirconia or moissanite.

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