How Can You Mix Gold And Silver Jewelry?

mix gold and silver jewelry

How Can You Mix Gold And Silver Jewelry?

Are you done with deciding on a perfect OOTD, but can’t help yourself in opting for silver or gold jewelry? Why not wear them both.

Styling mixed metal jewelry has become the hottest fashion trend today. Now, it’s commonplace to wear silver and gold jewelry together because limiting yourself to style only one metal piece is kinda old-fashioned these days.
The ever-so-often change in fashion trends with no limits to drape accessories stylishly made it relatively easy and affordable for you to pair up gold earrings with silver chains or else. Thus, if you’ve got built up a diverse jewelry arsenal, now is the time to get them all out and create an inspiring look.

Here, I’ve rounded up a style guide on how seamlessly you can create a mixed-metal look because it’s not easy as it seems. Each metal carries its shine and worth, and a different metals mixup can serve as a sparkling statement to style with. But, your look will deem as a fashion accident if you add too much metallic shine or go for a loud contrast.
So, read on to know how to mix different jewelry and what things you should consider while going for it.

Is it possible to mix silver and gold jewelry together?

Is it possible to mix silver and gold jewelry together

Of course, it’s a yes. A combination of gold and silver jewelry is a classy idea because they always help create a bold look. Gold serves as a treasured metal that enhances your worth-it vibe, whereas silver adds lustrous shine and sparkle to your look. According to fashionistas, they are gorgeously perfect to pair up together and an obsession for creating a catchy match.

7 Tips for Mixing Silver and Gold Jewelry

Tips for Mixing Silver and Gold Jewelry

Here are some wonderful tips on mixing silver and gold jewelry to style a contemporary trend. Then, let’s find out how you can wear a mixed-metal chic.

1. Consider typically-worn jewelry areas

match a silver bracelet with a similar size gold onetypically-worn jewelry areas

Ears, Nose, Fingers, Wrist, and Neck are counted as the typically- worn jewelry areas that make your jewelry visible. However, highlighting them doesn’t mean that you have to wear jewelry in all these body spots. It’s all up to you where you prefer to accessorize. But, while opting to wear mixed-metal jewelry, make sure that both silver and gold jewelry are perfectly placed with the same theme, size, and texture. With that said, if you want to wear mixed colors jewelry in your hand, prefer to match a silver bracelet with a similar size gold one. 

2. Wear a mixed-metal jewelry piece

Wear a mixed-metal jewelry piecemixed-metal jewelry piece

Wearing a combined metal piece has a benefit; that is, it will tie up every metal jewelry you carry with your outfit. As a result, it’s one of the most preferable go-to of today’s fashion styles. 

add a two-metals single piece in your collectionbest mixed-metal jewelry piece

So, try to add a two-metals single piece to your collection, which will work as a bridging jewelry piece for you – easy to wear with all accessories. 

3. Don’t count your permanently-worn accessories

Don’t count your permanently-worn accessories

Taking off your permanently-worn accessories like wedding rings is not necessary. But don’t allow it to hold you back from styling other accessories. You can still fashionably carry your regular jewelry with some other occasional pieces. For instance, if your wedding ring is of gold, then overlook it by accessorizing rose gold, silver, or platinum jewels. Please don’t bother yourself and pull them all together.

4. Layer-up different metals or styles

layer-up different metals or styles

Maybe you’ll consider this option as the same as wearing a mixed-metal jewelry piece. However, it’s not true. They both are two different tricks of giving meaning to your vibe.

Layering up different pieces together is quite common and in-trend, but each jewelry piece should be different. To achieve this look, try to wear two or more necklaces with the same style but on different metals or styles in one colored metal. Make sure to swap them up in a manner that doesn’t clash with each other. They should represent significance and purpose together.

wearing a mixed-metal jewelry piece

Among all, layering gold and silver necklaces with different lengths are ideal for carrying mixed jewelry well. But layers don’t just only apply to necklaces. Styling differently-designed ring combinations and bracelets or bangles with a varied thickness also work promising and stylishly for you. 

Found it hard to pop on different layers? Trust your guess. It would make layering-up fun for sure ☺ 

5. Wear similar styled accessories and outfits

Wear similar styled accessories and outfits

It may seem simple to you, but it’s the same place where you can easily go wrong. The most important thing to consider is that your jewelry pieces should carry the same vibe and bling as your outfit. 

If your outfit is formal, so should your accessories. But when your outfit is casual, make sure you embellish it with casual jewels aesthetic. That’s why you’re always recommended to pay attention to your outfit style. Wearing jewelry resembling your OOTD is another way to achieve a cohesive look. 

6. Balance out the metal mix

Balance out the metal mix

A perfect balance creates an appealing look. As we discussed the mixed-metal and layering techniques, try to balance the colors of mixed metals jewelry pieces. For example, if you opt for layering a silver necklace piece with other gold necklaces, keep in notice that don’t add too much jewelry of an individual color. 

Similarly, you can also balance the metal color by wearing silver and gold mixed bracelets rather than just gold bracelets with silver earrings. Opt for the mixed-metal combination that looks stunning together.

7. Consider the tone

Consider the tone

When wearing mixed metal jewelry, there are two types of tones to consider. One that complements your skin tone and enhances your facial glow. For instance, gold jewelry works well with warmer skin undertones. On the other hand, silver jewelry pairs well with cooler skin undertones.

The jewelry piece’s overall tone is the second one. Pendant necklaces, for example, give you a young and carefree vibe, whereas gemstones allow you to indicate femininity. 

So, carry your jewelry pieces however you want them to. But, on a friendlier note, you should have fun while deciding on what and how to style. 

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