5 Unique Ways to Use Cremation Jewelry For Ashes

Cremation Jewelry For Ashes

5 Unique Ways to Use Cremation Jewelry For Ashes

Grieving is an endless cycle. Everyone’s time will come because that’s how life is. You will experience hardships and triumphs. 

Through these trials in life, our loved ones will always support us. But unfortunately, when they pass, the pain never gets easier.

They say there are stages of grief. Each stage differs from one other. However, the drastic change in emotions seems to improve after the next. Coping mechanisms are part of the acceptance process. 

Through cremation jewelry like cremation necklaces, we can remember and honor their death while releasing pain after the passing. Here, we have a list of unique ways to cherish their memory. This is where cremation jewelry comes in. 

Read on to find out how jewelry can be the perfect way to hold onto people’s loved one’s memory. 

What is Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry are accessories we wear or keep near to put ashes or favorite objects inside to keep our loved ones closer every day. 

This is a beautiful way to wear a loved one close to our hearts. It’s an excellent way for someone and their family members to honor their memory. 

Many types of cremation jewelry are available, including necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. 

Ways to Use Cremation Jewelry for Ashes

Here are a few unique ways to use cremation jewelry to honor your loved ones.

1. Lockets and Pendants

We can place ashes inside lockets and pendants and wear them as necklaces

2. Necklaces and Stackable Rings

On plants and trees, we can place ashes in a necklace or stack rings on small twigs to remember our loved ones by planting trees or flowers in their memory.

We can also create a memorial garden outside so the whole family can visit it together.

3. Cylinder Pendants

We can also place a small number of ashes in a cylinder pendant as memorial ornaments and hang it during Christmas to remember them.

4. Millennium Pendants

On bedsides and nightstands, we can place a small number of ashes and remember our loved ones by placing the millennium pendant next to their picture. We can also set a small number of ashes in a frame and hang it on the wall for everyone to see.

5. Ash Pendants

We can also keep our loved ones close by placing a small number of ashes in a time capsule through a cremation pendant

Time capsules will flash memories back to us every time we look at them; This will serve as a reminder to live your life to the fullest. It will always be there with them, reminding them of their loved ones and how precious time is.

Mourning a Loss Doesn’t Have to Be Sad

Mourning doesn’t have to feel devastating; this can also be a time to celebrate the life of our loved ones and honor them by keeping a reminder of them.

Through cremation jewelry, they can also live their lives through us. As people seeking meaningful ways to remember their loved ones, we have considered wearing custom-made, personalized cremation jewelry. 

It’s a lovely gesture to keep their memory close to our hearts. We can continue to do so through generations to come that will serve as a family tradition.

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