Cremation Jewelry: A Guide to Mementos of the Afterlife

Cremation Jewelry A Guide to Mementos of the Afterlife

Cremation Jewelry: A Guide to Mementos of the Afterlife

No longer seen as morbid reminders of someone’s passing, cremation jewelry celebrates the life and memories of our dear departed.

As we view death as an inevitable end, wearing cremation jewelry is getting attention. Family members who want a keepsake of their loved ones (and even of their pets) no longer have to settle for a big urn that gathers dust in the house. They can now wear their loved one’s ashes in tasteful accessories that remind them of their well-lived lives.

But what is cremation jewelry, exactly? Read on as we give you the basics of these memorabilia and help you choose the best ones to remember your loved one with.

What is Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry is a unique piece of jewelry that holds ashes, tiny amounts of hair, or even dried flowers inside. The purpose is to memorialize loved ones you’ve lost by keeping a part of them with you. 

Many families choose cremation as an alternative to burial, so the popularity of cremation jewelry has been increasing in recent years. There are many different styles and types available for purchase online or through specialty shops or funeral homes.

Cremation jewelry offers a helpful way to cope with grief. For instance, it’s ideal for those who aren’t comfortable with having ashes sitting on a shelf but still want to feel connected to their loved one somehow. 

Some people also choose to wear cremation jewelry as an alternative to traditional urns because they want to feel like they’re always carrying their loved ones with them. There’s no right or wrong way to grieve when it comes down to it — it’s entirely personal and unique. It’s all about what feels right for you, your family, and your situation.

How is Cremation Jewelry Made?

There are two types of cremation jewelry. The first takes a bit of the ash and seals it inside a capsule that will serve as a cremation pendant or gem piece. It can also be mixed into colored resin and then polished to perform the same purpose. The second option is to incorporate a  tiny amount of ashes into the alloys that make the jewelry itself. 

There are many techniques cremation jewelers use to ensure the ashes are incorporated but not destroyed in the jewelry-making process. Your cremation jewelry will look like any other piece of jewelry; gorgeous and flattering. No one will know it has ashes unless you tell them. 

They require no special care other than what you usually do to regular jewelry. Just wipe the jewelry with a small washcloth moistened with water and mild soap, then dry and polish with a soft cloth.

Choosing Your First Cremation Jewelry Piece

Choosing your first cremation jewelry is a very personal decision. Should it be a pendant? A ring? Maybe a bracelet or keychain? Everyone has different preferences and needs, and there’s no right or wrong choice.

But here are some things to consider before you make your decision:

  • Size. Do you want something significant and noticeable or something small and discreet? Cremation jewelry can come in many shapes and sizes, from large pendants to tiny earrings. Or maybe you’d like something in between — like a cremation ring with an understated setting but an elegant design.
  • Style. Would you prefer something that looks classic, modern or something in between? You can get cremation jewelry of all sorts these days—from simple, beautiful designs that look traditional to pieces with more contemporary flair.
  • Materials. Cremation jewelry is available in many different materials. Most people choose metals like gold or sterling silver, but wood, glass, and porcelain are good options if you prefer something more unusual. In addition to choosing what type of material they want their cremation jewelry made out of, many people also decide whether they want their piece to have any additional decorative details. One can include semi-precious or precious stones that add value to the piece.


Bereavement is never an easy process, but knowing something from your loved one is still with you helps the transition. After all, there’s no point in agonizing over what might have been. If your family member or pet is gone, cremation jewelry can give the person who loved them a little solace—and that’s what matters most.

What kind of cremation jewelry are you eyeing? Are you going to wear it daily or only on special occasions? No matter how you choose to wear it, cremation jewelry helps to keep the memories of someone dear to you.

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