Top 10 Most Popular Clothing Brands in UK 2022

best clothing brands uk

Top 10 Most Popular Clothing Brands in UK 2022

If you’re someone new to Britain or just a native, who wants to know about the most popular clothing brands of the UK in 2022, then this guide is all you need. Consider the following popular clothing brands of the UK as our recommended go-to. These brands have got their online stores as well. The best thing about them! Because it will save your time in knowing the best UK brand for you, before even visiting their local stores. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local British or not; you must check them out.

Popular uk clothing brands
best clothing brands uk
best uk clothing brands

We all love hunting on different brands to create an inspiring new look. And thanks to the internet for making it super-easy to explore unlimited choices, right before going out to visit street lines. Everything is at your fingertips now, much easier to browse and choose from than ever before.

Well, if you’re new to the UK you’ll then surely find so many accessories and clothing brands around, enough for making it hard to decide. Seeing this exigent fashion game, you’d definitely have to fill up your wardrobe with fashionista picky vibes. So, just to make it easier for you to know where to start, we’ve rounded up the Top 10 Most Popular Clothing Brands in the UK to help choose your fashion favorites. Have a look at them!

Most Popular Clothing Brands in Britain for 2022

You’ve definitely heard about the UK for so many reasons including fashion. The clothing fashion here is undeniably comfy and ready-to-wear chic. So, without more ado, let’s delve into the list of popular British clothing brands to find out the best clothing brand in UK, 2022.

A fine list for your quick navigation.


Rating: 4.7

Founded in 2000 in London, ASOS should be your must-know brand if you want to style street fashion at its best. This brand excels in everything, from all-season-and-occasions clothing to shoes and from accessories and body products to gifts.

Available in quite pocket-friendly pricing tags, ASOS offers endless ways to express yourself, no matter what you’re up to, making day, night, and everything in between next-level extraordinary. A perfect all-ranges fit!

2. Boohoo

Rating: 4.7

Boohoo is your fashion bestie since 2006. Means you can always count on it whenever you need some pick-me-up fashion styles.

This brand helps you show off your be-you individual look with 500 new-to-market products, dropping in every week. From ideal date-night outfits to some chic blazers and maxis, everything is Boohoo is versatile and effortless. They are truly your wardrobe essentials tied with detailed vibes. So, get on board with it- one of the best clothing brands in the UK for 2022 styles!

3. Matalan

Rating: 4.6

Matalan is all about soft patterns, prints, and colors with proven value and quality. Since 1985, this brand has never failed to meet its customers’ expectations in amping up new seasons.

With quite budget-friendly, cool, and comfy styles, you can easily go the extra mile wearing its every-season look. And getting “everything under one roof” serves as a cherry on top. Whether it’s kidswear or menswear, homeware or furniture, this brand has got every trendy thing that you would dream of. It’s one to know for all. So keep your wardrobe comfortably suave with Matalan this season.

Rating: 4.5

Next is simply British and Brilliant. It has got all the must-have styles that are enough to add some classic twists to your everyday outfits.

With a variety of designs to choose from, this brand has got you covered with new fit-to-season collections and styling hacks. You can always rely on Next for refreshing your wardrobe as the fashion trends come & go. Everything is mood-busting here when exploring new seasonal wear and styles.

5. Uniqlo

Rating: 4.4

Uniqlo is considered one of the most popular clothing brands in the UK due to its highly précised trendy designs. Its contemporary silhouettes and product planning offer you high quality at remarkably affordable prices. There’s no denying the fact that Uniqlo, a British high-street mainstay, knows what it’s doing- not for the sake of perfection, but evolution.

A best of best we must say!

6. Hobbs

Rating: 4.5

Another recommended go-to British brand for shopping some outclass fashion-forward pieces is Hobbs. Being one of the most popular clothing brands in the UK, it knows how to see beyond fashion trends and seasonal vibes. You’ll find absolutely refined ensembles to wear market-relevant styles with affordability and luxury here.

Established since 1981, this brand is committed to providing diverse representations through its head-to-toe fashion styles for all ages. This is exactly what it does for you, for us, and for all.

Our favorite mix of modern styles and classic grace.

7. Yours Clothing

Rating: 4.4

YoursClothing is truly a part of UK fashion that has been much-loved for offering a variety of size ranges. With a day-by-day rapidly increasing clientele across the world, this brand ships its products to over 100 countries other than the UK.

This British brand has won numerous awards for its outstanding customer care, including Best Swimwear Range and Best High Street Retailer at the 2016 British Plus Size Awards.

So, add it to your wardrobe staple. You’ll fall in love with its attires over and over again. Super stylishly comfy for everyone.

8. River Island

Rating: 4.3

Providing you with new and unique fashion every week, this brand is considered one of the best clothing brands in the UK, that has been around for decades and has significantly elevated the fashion game, especially for women

River Island is dedicated to finding all that you need. This brand has got some head-turning collections that you’ll love as your everyday essentials. Check out its women’s collection if you love to buy every season. It’s worth it!

9. John Lewis

Rating: 4.2

You can head to John Lewis for getting curated free bits of advice, regarding whatever you want- from personal and home styling hacks to skin beauty guides.

This British brand is the hub providing diversified services including even the electrical, technological, fitness, and financial services. Have you ever imagined enjoying all these things at one shop? I’m sure you don’t.

Tap into Lewis latest fashion trends, edgy and youthful, while staying on your budget. Enough to blow your mind!

Our favorite? Lewis Mango collection. It’s beautifully aesthetic.

10. Wallis

Rating: 4.2

If you’re looking for more versatile tops and fashionable jackets, then Wallis should be your pick among the most popular clothing brands in the UK.

Whether it’s fun or flattering designs, Wallis all women’s collections include classic staples with a trendy stylish feel. This brand is known for bold, statement, and party-ready pieces that you can effortlessly drop off- making fashion accessible everywhere.

It lacks nothing that can come his best-UK-clothing-brand way. When you shop here, you’ll be essentially giving yourself a treat. Rest assured!

Wrapping Up

These top 10 most popular clothing brands in the UK are the ones that dictate the fashion trends by changing the way we perceive them. Each one of them is remarkably unique in offering designs, styles, quality, and services. They are known for their one-of-a-kind trendy vibes and loyal clientele- telling a different story about themselves.

I hope this guide help let you know about the most popular clothing brands in the UK for 2022. Choose one of them and then pay a visit to their local stores. They are the best in town to amp up your fashion game with be-who-you-are looks.

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